New Evidence on Gender Disparities in Competitive High School Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Author’s note: This post is based is based on a longer research paper that can be accessed here. Ariel Shin approached the same problem in this recent post. This analysis uses a different methodology and examines some other issues to continue to shed light on performance disparities in competitive debate. Thank you to Chris Palmer for providing data and […]

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Philosophy and Oppression by Shrey Desai

Shrey Desai debated for four years at Saratoga High School (CA). Shrey qualified to the California State Tournament, championed Western Championships and SCU (twice), and won speaker awards at the College Prep, Stanford, and Berkeley Invitationals. He would like to thank Chris Theis, Jake Nebel, Sajeev Saluja, and Prachit Bhike for their thoughtful comments and […]


Waging Half the War

Nope, this isn’t another rant against this season’s topics. Though I admittedly haven’t observed any debates on the January-February iteration, it strikes me as one of the better ones. So you’ll have to forgive this particular missive for its cynical undertones.   Important as discussions about living wages—and their alternatives—may be, negative advocacies should adopt […]

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