New Evidence on Gender Disparities in Competitive High School Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Author’s note: This post is based is based on a longer research paper that can be accessed here. Ariel Shin approached the same problem in this recent post. This analysis uses a different methodology and examines some other issues to continue to shed light on performance disparities in competitive debate. Thank you to Chris Palmer for providing data and […]

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February PF Practice Cases

Resolved: The United States federal government should adopt a carbon tax. Every month, we plan to distribute practice-round-ready cases on the first school day that the PF topic is out. We hope that the cases provide students with a jump-start on getting familiar with the topic, and that they serve as models to help better understand how […]


PF Topic Analysis by Ben Brazelton

Ben Brazelton is a Victory Briefs Writing Fellow from Madison West High School.  Opening Words When I saw this topic, I thought that the NSDA should be given a 140 character limit on their resolutions. This is, at face value, a long, complex, and very framework-driven resolution. This is unfortunate, because November has some of the largest […]

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Introducing by Paras Kumar

Hi all, I want to draw your attention to a new resource that will be available to LD’ers this season: This website has a compilation of in depth round analysis of previous debate rounds, round redos from past debates, and lectures + drills on a variety of topics including theory, K’s, tricks, util, framework, […]


2015-2016 Topic Brief Subscriptions Available

The September/October topics for PF and LD have been announced! LD: Adolescents ought to have the right to make autonomous medical choices. PF: The United States Federal Government ought to pay reparations to African Americans. Subscribe to Victory Briefs to get topic analyses and evidence delivered automatically to your inbox within two weeks of each topic’s […]

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