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Lincoln Douglas Topics List for 2017-2018

Resolved: In the United States, workers ought to have a civil right to unionize. Resolved: The non-therapeutic use of human enhancement technologies is immoral. Resolved: The United States ought to provide a universal basic income. Resolved: Plea bargaining ought to be abolished in the United States criminal justice system. Resolved: In the United States, reporters […]


LD Topic Committee Updates (6/21 12:50)

Here is the most recent version of the topic list for next year.   1) In the United States, non-human animals ought to have legally protected rights. 2) Individuals are obligated to value the common good over their own interests. 3) Capital punishment is immoral. 4) In the United States, physician-assisted suicide of terminally ill patients ought to be […]


Maya Arora Wins NCFLs

Congratulations to Cape Fear Academy’s Maya Arora for winning the 2017 National Catholic Forensic League’s Grand National Tournament. In finals, Maya defeated Upper St. Clair’s Raahema Durrani. Full results and pairings can be found here.


Desoto Central Wins The 2017 NCFL

Congratulations to Desoto Central Silas Nelson and Atticus Nelson for winning the 2017 Catholic Forensics League Grandnational Tournament. In finals, Desoto Central defeated Ardrey Kell’s Samuel Wood and Harish Korrapati on a 4-1 decision (Wascher, Von Borstel, Poe, O’Donnell, Kessler). Congratulations to all debaters. Results will be posted when available.


Curricular Components 5: Supplementary Student-Staff Interaction

Most camps’ curriculum focuses on mandatory periods student-staff interaction, ranging from group instruction (e.g. lab, modules), to one-on-one drill sessions (e.g. mentorship). These curricular elements are both required and, in general, staff driven. Most camps, then, supplement these required elements with optional student driven instruction. Some camps run office hours, others have evening work time […]

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