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Simone Braithwaite Wins Byram

Congratulations to Newark Science’s Simone Braithwaite for winning the 2018 Byram Hills Invitational. In finals, Simone defeated Harrison’s Ava Zinman on a 2-1 decision (Hafiz, Fraser, Dolinger). Congratulations to Newark Science’s Osmane Sanogo for being top speaker. Full results and pairings can be found here.


Greenhill Closes Out Grapevine

Congratulations to Greenhill’s Anna Meyers and Mihir Rai for closing out the 2018 Grapevine Classic. In semifinals, Anna defeated Carroll’s Gautam Iyer and Mihir defeated Strake Jesuit College Preparatory’s Joshua Herrera. Congratulations to Garland’s Khoa Pham for being top speaker. See full pairings and results here.


LD Card of the Day is Back!

The LD Victory Briefs Card of the Day Subscription is back! Imagine that you could receive high-quality evidence cut by experienced coaches in your inbox every day for free. Wouldn’t that be great? We think so too. That is why we are back with the LD Victory Briefs Card of the Day Subscription. Sign up using […]

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