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(Updated) LD Wording Committee Releases First Round of Topic Drafts, Seeks Input

Fort Lauderdale, FL — The LD wording committee has released an initial list of draft topic areas and is seeking constructive public input.  This is list consists of initial drafts of topics advanced through Monday Afternoon. These topics are extremely preliminary and largely based on the wordings submitted to the committee by NSDA members. These topics should be seen as starting points […]

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NSDA Nationals LD Codes

Victory Briefs is hoping to make the pairings for LD at NSDA Nationals easier to read and centralize information concerning competitor and judge codes. Please fill out the following form with any information that you have concerning judge and competitor codes at NSDA Nationals! We’ll release all the information as it comes out in a […]


Insights in Instruction: Teaching Top and Novice Lab with Marshall Thompson

Last week, Victory Briefs released as part of its Curriculum Corner series a video interview with VBI staff Devane Murphy where he told us about his teaching methods, practices, and philosophy. Today, we’re continuing the series with a video interview with the VBI Director of Lincoln-Douglas Debate Marshall Thompson. Marshall is a former Walt Whitman […]

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Lincoln Douglas Debate Bid Tournaments 2018-19

Automatic Qualifier Octafinals at the previous season’s TOC Octafinal Qualifier Apple Valley (MN) Berkeley (CA) Bronx Science (NY) Emory (GA) Glenbrooks (IL) Greenhill (TX) Harvard (MA) Harvard-Westlake (CA) St. Mark’s (TX) Valley (IA) Quarterfinals Qualifiers Blake (MN) College Prep (CA) Florida Blue Key (FL) Grapevine (TX) Lexington (MA) Loyola (CA) Meadows (NV) Presentation (CA) Stanford […]


Gold Public Forum Qualifying Tournaments 2018-19

Automatic Qualifiers When Competing With Same Partnership: Octafinals at the previous season’s TOC Octafinals at the previous season’s NCFL National Tournament Top 14 at the previous season’s National Speech & Debate Association National Tournament Octafinal Qualifiers Apple Valley (MN) Arizona State (AZ) Berkeley (CA) Blake (MN) Bronx Science (NY) Emory (GA) Florida Blue Key (FL) […]


Silver Public Forum Qualifying Tournaments 2018-19

NOTE for 2018-19: The non-bid methods of qualifying for the Silver PF division are being revised.  This division will feature the international teams plus teams that qualify through an expanded number of metrics. These metrics include – (a)  -Obtaining a 5-2 or better record at the previous year TOC in the Gold TOC Division. (b)  -Reaching […]