Minnesota JV/Novice State Results: Prince Hyeamang and Sophie Ober Close Out JV, Kiley Eichelberger Wins Novice

Congratulations to Apple Valley sophomores Prince Hyamang and Sophie Ober for closing out Minnesota’s JV State Tournament. Prince and Sophie are coached by Chris Theis, Ed Hendrickson, David Quinn, and Josh You. 

In the Novice division Kiley Eichelberger, a junior from Chanhassen, defeated Edina Freshman Annie Amen to win the Novice State title. Congratulations to both debaters. Kiley is coached by Zach Prax and Annie is coached by Andy Charrier.

JV Octofinals 

Roseville NM def Eagan TA (Tahir Ahsan)

Apple Valley SO def Chanhassen KL (Kyle Loomis)

Eagan SS def Robbinsdale Cooper LO (Luke Odenthal)

Apple Valley FK def Blaine HP (Harley Pierce-Ramsdell)

Saint Thomas Academy AS def Apple Valley CH (Claire Hoffa)

Apple Valley PH def Eagan CW (Collin Wetgard)

Anika DR def St Louis Park DH (David Hope)

Eagan NM over Eagan JL (Jack Linden)


JV Quarterfinals 

Apple Valley SO def Roseville NM (Nathan Meyer)

Apple Valley FK def Eagan SS (Sera Serim)

Apple Valley PH def Saint Thomas Academy (Annie Schoonover)

Anoka DR def Eagan NM (Nicholas Mattson)


JV Semifinals 

Apple Valley SO over Apple Valley FK (Frankie Kelly)

Apple Valley PH def Anoka DR (Duncan Riley)



Apple Valley PH (Prince Hyeamang) and Apple Valley SO (Sophie Ober) 


Novice Double Octofinals

Robbinsdale Armstrong SS advances without debating

Blaine JS def Apple Valley GD (Grace Dougan)

Edina RL advances without debating

Apple Valley JB def Robbinsdale Armstrong  Ab (Abdihamid Badri)

Apple Valley AK advances without debating

Blaine LA def Robbinsdale Armstrong ED (Eric Dorland) 

Edina AA advances without debating

Robbinsdale Armstrong LS def Apple Valley TK (Taylor Karhatsu)

Chanhassen MS advances without debating

Mahtomedi SK def Blaine AJ (Ann Jerry)

Apple Valley HD advances without debating

Edina GM over Edina KB (Katie Bogart)

Apple Valley KM advances without debating

Apple Valley LR def Saint Thomas Academy MD (Maria Daly)

Chanhassen KE advances without debating

Edina MT def Robbinsdale Armstrong MI (Mollie Iverson)


Novice Octofinals

Robbinsdale Armstrong SS def Blaine JS (Jackson Severin)

Edina RL dev Apple Valley JB (John Boals)

Apple Valley AK def Blaine LA (Lujain Al-Khawi)

Edina AA def Robbinsdale Armstrong LS (Lydia Skogland) 

Mahtomedi SK def Chanhassen MS (Monica Synstelien)

Edina GM def Apple Valley HD (Henry Dikeman)

Apple Valley HM over Apple Valley LR (Lizzy Rhinehart)

Chanhassen KE def Edina MT (Mabel Thomas)


Novice Quarterfinals

Robbinsdale Armstrong SS def Edina RL (Romi Lee)

Edina AK def Apple Valley AK (Ashley Knapp)

Mahtomedi SK def Edina GM (Gloria Mi)

Chanhassen KE def Apple Valley KM (Kylie Maxfield)


Novice Semifinals

Edina AA def Robbinsdale Armstrong SS (Seth Sandhoefner)

Chanhassen KE def Mahtomedi SK (Sophie Krohn)


Novice Finals 

Chanhassen KE def Edina AA (Annie Amen)



Chanhassen KE (Kiley Eichelberger)