Jan/Feb Resolution Controversy

Many have indicated discomfort with the Jan/Feb resolution. John Scoggin called for topic nullification. Chris Palmer wrote about the personal nature of domestic violence, and ramifications of having to debate it.
Given my own misgivings on the resolution (and an understanding that we talk A LOT about changing things), I thought I’d do something about it. I sent an email to the NFL about it. I’ll log the push for change at: debateaction.org

Discussions about changes that need to be made in high school debate currently take place in many forums – listservs, back-channel emails, on Facebook, message boards, chats, etc. While this discussion is good, rarely can that discussion become anything beyond discussion. This often leads to further frustration.

I hope Debate Action can provide channels to allow people who want to make change the ability to be heard and create strategies to make that change happen.

All campaigns will have a “Show Support & Share” form for people to have their voices seen on the page (after approval). Too often the “good posts/emails” are buried in see of flame-wars and unnecessary discussion.

Coaches who wish to show support can have their name listed after the original writer’s letter.

When possible, we’ll keep a timeline of action-steps taken on the original writer’s letter.

  • Bring back lddebate.orgThat site was solid. limitlessdebate is decent, but nowhere near that level of content. NSD blog is passable. This site is supposedly the main site, but going by the comments(or lack of comments) it is terrible.

    We don’t hate anyoneover whatever controversy happened over last TOC. That’s in the past, and TOC is terrible and filled with controversy anyway. Bring back lddebate.org. There are way too many fragmented sites, and that was hands down, the best one. 10 times the discourse would be generated on there compared to this post here, and navigating between posts there actually worked. It was a solid forum. This is a joke.

    • working on it

      • Out of curiosity, when will the site be up?