Blake Results

Triple Octafinal Round Results

Apple Valley JG Advances without debating
Loyola BO Advances without debating
Evanston EB Advances without debating
Apple Valley LS Advances without debating
Scarsdale GK Advances without debating
Harvard Westlake MC (Neg) defeated Evanston GD
WDM Valley MN (Neg) defeated Saint Thomas Academy EP
Kent Denver SM Advances Over Kent Denver DK
Scarsdale AD (Aff) defeated Walt Whitman NK
WDM Valley MS (Neg) defeated Annie Wright AB
Harvard Westlake AK Advances Over Harvard Westlake AB
St. Louis Park RS (Aff) defeated Hopkins MB
Walt Whitman JL (Neg) defeated WDM Valley NL
Hockaday AZ (Aff) defeated Iowa City SF
Hopkins SG (Neg) defeated Bronx Science SS
Eastside Catholic DH (Neg) defeated Jackson JR
Hockaday MC (Neg) defeated Evanston ED
WDM Valley JL (Neg) defeated Robbinsdale Armstrong AU
Scarsdale ZE (Neg) defeated South Portland EC
Hockaday RB (Neg) defeated Okoboji JA
Harvard Westlake AS (Neg) defeated WDM Valley JS
Lexington AH (Aff) defeated Harvard Westlake JE
Scarsdale SN (Neg) defeated Hopkins AT
CESJDS EL (Neg) defeated Lexington PZ
Scarsdale BF (Neg) defeated Hockaday CC
Scarsdale GR (Neg) defeated Meadows SM
Kent Denver AW (Aff) defeated Ankeny GL
St. Louis Park LS (Neg) defeated Saint Thomas Academy EW
Saint Thomas Academy MT (Aff) defeated Harvard Westlake BG
Loyola MH (Aff) defeated Bainbridge Island AT
Hockaday KQ (Aff) defeated Carpe Diem Speech & D JM
Meadows EH (Neg) defeated Saint Thomas Academy SD

Double Octafinal Round Results

Meadows EH (Neg) defeated Apple Valley JG
Loyola BO (Aff) defeated Hockaday KQ
Evanston EB (Neg) defeated Loyola MH
Apple Valley LS (Aff) defeated Saint Thomas Academy MT
Scarsdale GK (Aff) defeated St. Louis Park LS
Harvard Westlake MC (Aff) defeated Kent Denver AW
WDM Valley MN (Aff) defeated Scarsdale GR
Kent Denver SM (Neg) defeated Scarsdale BF
CESJDS EL (Neg) defeated Scarsdale AD
Scarsdale SN (Aff) defeated WDM Valley MS
Harvard Westlake AK (Neg) defeated Lexington AH
St. Louis Park RS (Neg) defeated Harvard Westlake AS
Walt Whitman JL (Neg) defeated Hockaday RB
Hockaday AZ (Aff) defeated Scarsdale ZE
WDM Valley JL (Neg) defeated Hopkins SG
Hockaday MC (Neg) defeated Eastside Catholic DH

Octafinal Round

Meadows EH def. Hockaday MC
Loyola BO def. WDM Valley JL
Hockaday AZ def. Evanston EB
Walt Whitman JL def. Apple Valley LS
Scarsdale GK def. St. Louis Park RS
Harvard Westlake MC over Harvard Westlake AK
WDM Valley MN def. Scarsdale SN
Kent Denver SM def. CESJDS EL

Quarterfinal Round

Meadows EH (Neg) defeated Kent Denver SM (Catherine Tarsney, Josh Roberts, Liz Scoggin)

Loyola BO (Aff) defeated WDM Valley MN (*Zhou, Emily Massey, Jennis)

Hockaday AZ (Neg) defeated Harvard Westlake MC (McNeil, Theis, *Brundage)

Scarsdale GK (Neg) defeated Walt Whitman JL (Ruff, Holguin, van Elswyk)

Semifinal Round

Scarsdale GK (Aff) defeated Meadows EH (Holguin, Zhou, Catherine Tarsney)

Loyola BO (Neg) defeated Hockaday AZ (van Elswyk, Emily Massey, Theis)

Final Round

Scarsdale GK (Neg) defeated Loyola BO (Zhou, Catherine Tarsney, *van Elswyk)

  • Adam Torson

    Congrats to Shane and the whole Blake crew on an excellent tournament. Every year this is one of the best tournaments I attend.