Northwest Round Robin Field Report

From Jeff Gans, Director of the Northwest Round Robin:

I’m pleased to announce the field for the fourth Northwest Round Robin, which will be held this Sunday at Eastside Catholic. The NWRR aims to bring together the best debaters and judges in the region for a relaxing, fun, and challenging event that offers lots of practice and feedback.

LD features two judges per round voting independently with extensive oral critiques every round and a midday workshop on Theory in LD. There are six rounds breaking to finals.

Bainbridge High School (WA) — Alex Teiche
Bainbridge High School (WA) — Haley Brandt-Erichsen
Eastside Catholic High School (WA) — Derek Holliday
Gig Harbor High School (WA) — Austin Ballard
Harvard-Westlake (CA) – Adam Bennett
Harvard-Westlake (CA) – Aneri Amin
Tahoma High School (WA) — Connor Durkin
Wenatchee High School (WA) — Colton Smith

Congress features a three-hour preliminary session and a three-hour “Scenario” session. This year’s scenario will concern Israeli/Irani relations.

Eastside Catholic High School – John Holt
Eastside Catholic High School – Kyle Hendrix
Glacier Peak High School (WA) – Dan Miller
Kamiak High School (WA) – Aiden Skogheim
Newport High School (WA) – Frankie Orrico
Newport High School (WA) – John Adler
Ridgefield High School (WA) – Tyler Bieber
Thomas Jefferson High School (WA) – Ed Choi
Thomas Jefferson High School (WA) – Jina Yi

Congratulations to all the NWRR participants!