Day One: Alive and Kicking

VBI campers were treated to a demonstration debate that shed some light on how this health care topic will play out during camp and perhaps during the competitive season as well.
Fresh off their own incredibly successful debate careers, Regan Grishaber affirmed in the debate while Mollie Cowger negated. After enjoying the show, debaters broke off into their lab groups to discuss the round and learn some more about the topic they’ll be debating for the next two weeks. They’ll have more time this evening to continue researching and developing case positions.

In other, far more important news, the Toasted Meatball Sandwich at The Bruin Cafe isn’t half bad. It might not meet Mario Batali’s lofty standards, but it’s a nice alternative to the standard cafeteria options. Ah, the meatball sandwich–so simple, yet so right.