…So Now What?

The VBI student body already knows a lot more than it did a day ago–at least about the two weeks that lie ahead. After arriving to campus and perusing their schedules and lab assignments, campers got a taste of the legendary UCLA cafeterias… and a taste of what camp life will look like in the upcoming days.
But just a taste.

Campers met with their lab groups before dinner so that they could get a chance to know each other, and so that their instructors could learn more about them. Then, they were oriented by the curricular and administrative directors, getting a better sense of what to expect from their VBI experience in the process. It’s a lot information for those new to the institute, but everyone gets the hang of camp life in no time.

Finally, students got to sign up for the lectures and workshops they’ll be focusing on in the weeks ahead. When all is said and done, campers will learn a little bit of everything and leave VBI with a solid, broad foundation–but, we also want them to have the opportunity to shape their unique experiences and help their instructors best help them.

Stay tuned for plenty of updates as we get into the full swing of VBI. We’ll have some pictures up on Monday and coverage of all the events that make these two weeks one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences high school debate has to offer. Plus, check back here for everything from reviews of daily cuisine (from a guy who takes his food seriously) to some deeper investigations into the Life of the Debater.