Meet the Staff of Session II: Karlyn Gorski

LOS ANGELES, CA – Today we’d like to share another one of our amazing staff members for Session II with you! So far we’ve introduced you to David McNeil and Ryan Lawrence. Today, we’d like to introduce you to the final of our three talented curriculum directors for Session II: Last, but not least, Karlyn Gorski!

Karlyn is a rising third-year Public Policy and International Studies student at the University of Chicago. She debated for five years for Perkiomen Valley High School (aka Pokemon Valley), competing at the TOC three times, and becoming first debater from her school to qualify. Additionally, Karlyn competed at NCFL Nationals for four years, being crowned the 2009 NCFL Champion and the 2010 Runner-Up. She was also the champion of the University of Pennsylvania Round Robin, a finalist at Lexington, and a semifinalist at Blake, Harvard, Hendrick Hudson (Bump), and Princeton. Karlyn competed in many round robins including Greenhill, Bronx, Vassar, and Harvard, and was the top speaker at Princeton and NCFL Nationals. In addition, Karlyn is a founding member of University of Chicago’s Rising Phoenix Debate, which is an organization dedicated to connecting Chicago’s high school debate teams with experienced coaches and training.

We are excited to have this fantastic former debater join us at camp and help lead curriculum for Session II!

And now what you all read these articles for:

Nickname(s): The Little Ticket, KG
Favorite non-debate, camp activity:
Playing Team Fortress 2 “between lectures, during meals, after Socrates hours, and any time I have a few minutes to kill some spies” – Karlyn Gorski
Best known for: “Popularizing the trend of wearing Uggs on the national circuit between rounds – a big moment in debate,” according to fellow staff member JP Gooderham
Favorite tournament: Hockaday Round Robin
Favorite tournament snack: Homemade trail mix at tournaments
Favorite movie(s): Thank You For Smoking, V for Vendetta, Up
Favorite music performers/artists/composers: Gotye, Kanye, Matt & Kim, Sufjan Stevens, random mashups
Hobbies: Executing circus acrobatics (Karlyn’s in the circus group at UChicago! Isn’t that awesome?), reading Reddit, dancing, cooking, and being the UChicago men’s rugby team’s superfan!
Most Californian thing for a non-Californian: Karlyn surfs! She started because her brother surfed and she “wanted him to think [she] was cool!”

Karlyn will be studying abroad in India next year! Make sure to hang out with her while you can at camp, since you won’t be seeing her at tournaments for a little while!