Camper of the Day: Corbin Hopper

With the start of Session 2 of VBI at UCLA, we’re bringing back an old favorite: camper of the day! 
Corbin Hopper

It’s actually Corbin’s second time at VBI. A rising senior at Berkeley Carroll High School in New York, Corbin said he came here to get better at debate (duh). “I really like the individual attention staff pays to each student and I had a great time when I came here two years ago,” he said.

“Oh and of course, I came here so I could have a shot at becoming camper of the day,” he added.

Nickname: Corbz

Lab: David McNeil/Peter D. van Elswyk

Interesting fact: Corbin also plays piano in jazz band at school

Favorite tournament: Big Bronx, because of the food

Spirit animal: Dodo bird

Favorite part of camp: Socrates hours: “I can talk to whoever about whatever – VBI really makes an active effort to make sure students seek out other instructors,” he said.

Guilty pleasure: 90s pop music

Most attractive staff member: Todd Newkirk, because of his awesome tattoos

Scariest staff member: Todd Newkirk… also because of the tattoos (and the gauges)

And finally, a guest question from instructor Oliver Gappmayer: How long is it socially acceptable to wear a pair of pants before you have to wash them? 3-4 days, according to Corbin.

Make sure to say hello to Corbin if you see him around camp and stay tuned for more camper profiles!