Camper of the Day: Jhaelon Edwards

Ever seen the guy who carries the resistance band around with him everywhere? He’s today’s camper of the day! Meet Jhaelon Edwards, a rising senior at the Harmony School of Advancement in Houston, Texas.

Lab: David McNeil and Peter D. van Elswyk

Why did you come to VBI?: I just heard good things about it from a lot of people. Both my coach and a bunch of other debaters told me that it’s nationally recognized as the best camp to go to.

Guilty pleasure: Playing with Legos

Interesting fact: Jhaelon is really into freestyle rap, and he said that if someone just walked up to him, gave him a beat, and asked him to freestyle, he’d do it. Ask him!

Favorite rapper: TKO Capone

Other interests: He’s on his school’s robotics team and participated in an international robotics competition.

Spirit animal: “Uh… what?”

Most embarrassing debate moment: In the middle of a round, Jhaelon was so disorganized once that he couldn’t find his flow among all of his papers. His opponent stopped the timer for 3 minutes while he looked for his flow.

Favorite tournament: Harvard, because it’s huge and he gets to meet a lot of new people

Favorite part of camp: Lab, because he “has two experienced and successful lab leaders at my complete disposal to just ask all my debate questions.”

Scariest staff member: “Yeah I guess I’d have to say… Todd.” (Surprise!)

And of course… why does he wear the resistance band?: “At the other debate camp I went to this summer, I was slacking off on working out and I got out of shape. I didn’t want that to happen here, so I brought a resistance band since I couldn’t bring my dumbbells here.” Intense.

Make sure to say hi to Jhaelon and ask him for a rap verse if you have time!