Handicapping the Jan/Feb Resolution

I haven’t given a whole lot of thought to the reasons why I’m picking the potential resolutions with odds I’ve chosen. Based on instincts, here’s how I’d handicap it:

Long Shots

Resolved: In a democracy, voting ought to be compulsory. 100:1

Resolved: On balance, labor unions in the United States are beneficial. 250:1

Feeling Lucky

Resolved: When making admissions decisions, public colleges and universities in the United States ought to favor members of historically disadvantaged groups. 50:1

Resolved: United States Supreme Court justices should be subject to term limits. 

A Decent Bet

Resolved: On balance, the privatization of civil services serves the public interest. 8:1

Resolved: Oppressive government is more desirable than no government. 10:1

Resolved: Rehabilitation ought to be valued above retribution in the United States criminal justice system. 3:1

Resolved: The constitutions of democratic governments ought to include procedures for secession. 4:1

The Best Bet

Resolved: The United States is justified in intervening in the internal political processes of other countries to attempt to stop human rights abuses. 1:2