NFL Nationals: Extemporaneous Debate Results

For those not advancing in their main events the option is given to compete in supplemental events, one of which is extemporaneous debate. Extemp debate is essentially a condensed LD round that is 16 minutes long and the topic changes after each debate. This year, over 600 debaters competed in extemp debate and only the top 6 made it on stage.

In finals, Rishi Suresh of Clear Brook HS (TX) defeated Shania Hunt of Northland Christian School (TX) on a 4-1 decision. Congratulations to both debaters! 

3rd – Joel Kwartler, Lake Oswego HS (OR)

4th – James Callison, Kent Denver School (CO)

5th – Abhi Kuhlgod, North Mecklenburg HS (NC)

Tied for 6th: 

6th – Matthew Proffitt, Seven Lakes HS (TX) 

6th – Joseph McAdams, St. Mary’s HS (CO)