VBD: Change your face. Enjoy it.

For the last year or so we’ve been deciding what we’d like to do with the Victory Briefs website. It’s been 10 years since we originally launched Victory Briefs Daily.

There are a couple of new things that have been in the works for the past month. We invite you to start participating. We’re going to continue to work on improving them.

First, we have started a bulletin board: Victory Briefs Bulletin Board, or as I’ve dubbed it: vb3. I’m compulsive. In addition to being a bulletin board where you can sign-up and start your own discussions, vb3 will also serve as our commenting system for VBD. 

Right now we can only assign one category per topic on vb3. One of those categories is going to be promoted discussions. These will show up on the right side bar. Right now we’ve promoted a few just to populate the sidebar. Over time, we’ll reserve those spots for the best discussions happening at vb3. 

Second, we’ve integrated the VB Store right into Squarespace. We hope this will make an easier and more elegant experience when buying our textbooks and topic analysis books. We know it hasn’t always been great. We hope this is better.

We’ll keep you updated as we continue to add more feature. Until then.