The Complete Foodie’s Guide to the Greenhill Fall Classic

By: Rebecca

disclosure giving you the munchies? Need a quick pick-me-up before doubles?
Never fear- the food options around Greenhill are as delicious as winning a bid
round and as diverse as the Greenhill debate squad. Sometimes the free food
served at the tournament just won’t cut it, but we in Addison have got your
back with the best sustenance options in the area. Here’s a quick survey:


The beverages
served in the judge’s lounge are pretty good, but we don’t have baristas.
There’s a Starbucks just down the street (15099 Midway Rd), just past Nate’s
Seafood & Steak House
. You can get there in five minutes if you drive,
or you could even walk!

Yours truly is
obsessed with bubble tea, as are 90% of Greenhill students, so we couldn’t let
you leave Addison without trying our favorite local haunts. The closest place
is Mangos Restaurant at 13605 Midway Rd; they also serve sushi, pho, and
a variety of other Asian entrees, so definitely worth a lunchtime trip. Fat
on 5301 Alpha Rd is a little further from campus (about a 10-15
minute drive), but is absolutely delicious and more importantly, fast.

There’s a new
place that opened up on 4135 Beltline Rd called Boba Tea and Treats– it’s pretty close, but pricier and not as
delicious as Mangos or Fat Straws. Definitely the C debater of the Addison
bubble tea squad.

Fast Food

If you’re just
looking for something to feed your protein-starved team before their break
round, look no further than the McDonald’s on 3795 Belt Line Road.
There’s also a Wendy’s less than two miles away on 3710 Belt Line Rd.

If you’re not
in the 10-minutes-to-the-debate time crunch, then Fuzzy’s Taco Shop on
13881 Midway Rd is always a popular option, as is Pei Wei on 4801 Belt
Line Rd. They’re both pretty packed around lunchtime, but you’ll never have to
wait too long.

If you’re
vegan or vegetarian, Loving Hut on 14925 Midway Rd has been a go-to
lunch spot for Greenhill animal-lovers for years. They have a buffet option
that’s under ten dollars- be sure to try the kung pao tofu.

Dinner Options

Got some time
on Day 1 to sit down, relax, and talk strategy with your team? BJ’s
Restaurant & Brewhouse
on 4901 Belt Line Rd can’t be beat- be sure to
order a pizookie for dinner. Our personal favorite is the white chocolate
macadamia nut/vanilla ice cream combination. Other options are Olive Garden on
4240 Belt Line Rd and Blue Mesa Grill on 7700 W Northwest Hwy.

Tokyo One and Fogo de Chao, located on the
intersection of Midway and Belt Line, are on the expensive side, but perfect if
you’ve just won something big and want to spend some money. Trust us- there is
nothing better than victory sushi.