Ram Prasad and Jake Steirn Win the Valley Round Robins

Congratulations to La Jolla’s Ram Prasad and Cypress Bay’s Jake Steirn for winning the Valley varsity and sophomore round robins, respectively. Walt Whitman’s Jessica Levy was the runner-up in the varsity division and Lake Highland’s Neal Kappor was the runner-up in the sophomore division.

Sophomore Throw-down


(1) Cypress Bay JS def. (4) Bronx Science OK (Oliver Korten) 3-0 (Ditzian, Theis, Yocom)

 (2) Lake Highland NK def. (3) University School JR (Jacob Ronkin)  2-1 (Legried, Maude, *Meyer)


(1) Cypress Bay JS def. (2) Lake Highland NK (Neal Kapoor) 5-0 (Castillo, Meyer, Robertson, Yocom, Student Vote)


Cypress Bay JS (Jake Steirn) 


 Varsity Round Robin


La Jolla RP def. Walt Whitman JL (Jessica Levy) 2-1 (*Scoggin, Tarsney, Zhou) 


 La Jolla RP (Ram Prasad)