Flashback: 2007 St. Marks Heart of Texas Invitational

With the long-running St. Marks Heart of Texas Invitational coming up this weekend, here’s a look at the outround results from the tournament 6 years ago. I’m sure you’ll see some familiar names.

Double Octafinals

Apple Valley CT def. Carnegie Vanguard RV (Rachel Vogel) (Melin, Conrad, Schiano)

Oak Mountain WH def. Winston Churchill PJ (Patrick Jenkins)  (Koshy, Conrad, Melin) 

Mountain View DK def. WDM Valley MA (Maeshal Abid) (Sheehan, Hogan, Smith) 

Kinkaid BT def. Colleyville Heritage KA (Khurram Ali) (Sheehan, Arton, Rose)

Los Altos DM def. Meadows AS (Amanda Signorelli) (Scoggin, Rose, Thomas) 

Hockaday JG def. Grapevine WH (William Hix) (Scoggin, Jeffers, Russell) 

Strake Jesuit PT def. Hockaday LD (Lindsay Dolan) (Clancy, Mundt, Cooper) 

Southlake Carroll RB def. Meadows NB (Nick Bratton) (Hess, Evnen, Clancy) 

Scarsdale MH def. Greenhill LM (Lauren Mahomes) (Wright, Meyers, Cruz) 

Scarsdale KH def. Pace Academy AZ (Alex Zhang) (Cruz, Hogan, Meyers) 

Elkins AC def. Lynbrook NS (Narayan Subramanian) (Dessi, Johnson, Babb) 

Blake JS def. Colleyville Heritage AB (Arti Bhatia) (Babb, Arton, *O’Neal) 

Westwood BC def. Berkeley Carroll IB (Issac Bloch) (Coleman, Duby, Wright) 

Hockaday SV def. Greenhill DS (Danielle Smogard) (Vaughan, Paxman, *Hogue) 

Strake Jesuit DD def. Northland Christian CN (Courtney Nunley) (Miller, Evnen, *Pinto) 

St. Louis Park CT def. Strake Jesuit TL (Todd Liipfert) (Miller, Groner, Castillo) 


Apple Valley CT def. St. Louis Park CT (Catherine Tarsney) (Hess, Clancy, Pinto)

Strake Jesuit DD def. Oak Mountain WH (Wade Houston) (Melin, Wilson, *Evnen) 

Mountain View DK def. Hockaday SV (Shivani Vohra)  (Rose, Cooper, *Ketkar)

Kinkaid BT def. Westwood BC (Ben Clancy) (Castillo, Babb, Duby) 

Los Altos DM def. Blake JS (John Scoggin) (Hogan, Johnson, Dessi) 

Elkins AC def. Hockaday JG (Joan Gass) (O’Neal, Miller, *Conrad) 

Scarsdale KH def. Strake Jesuit PT (Paul Tyger) (Nelson, Koshy, *Olivarez) 

Scarsdale MH def. Southlake Carroll RB (Ryan Bennett) (Coleman, Meyers, Wright) 


Apple Valley CT def. Scarsdale MH (Matt Hershey) (Sheehan, Hess, O’Neal) 

Strake Jesuit DD def. Scarsdale KH (Ken Hershey) (Melin, Castillo, Ketkar) 

Elkins AC def. Mountain View DK (Daniel Khalessi) (Johnson, Koshy, Cooper) 

Los Altos DM def. Kinkaid BT (Becca Traber) (Evnen, Pinto, *Thomas) 


Apple Valley CT def. Los Altos DM (Daniel Moerner) (Johnson, Wright, *Cooper) 

Strake Jesuit DD def. Elkins AC (Andrew Cockroft) (Caffo, Castillo, *Coleman)


Apple Valley CT def. Strake Jesuit DD (David Donatti) (Caffo, Wright, *Ketkar) 


Apple Valley CT (Chris Theis)