Akhil Gandra Wins the University of Texas Longhorn Classic

Congratulations to Westwood’s Akhil Gandra for winning the University of Texas Longhorn Classic! In finals, Akhil defeated Cypress Woods’ Xixiang “Shawn” Xiong on a 3-0 decision. Akhil is coached by Nicholas Burr and Ben Clancy. Shawn is coached by Heath Martin and Jared Woods.

Double Octofinals

Kempner AB def. Kinkaid MS (Michael Sands)

Travis AS def. Center for Talented Youth JL (Jae Lee)

Marcus LH def. Westwood SN (Sunay Nanavati)

Strake Jesuit XX def. Elkins RR (Ruhika Roy)

Stony Point ZZ def. Strake Jesuit SM (Sean McCormick)

Woodlands AC def. Westwood JD (Jimmy Deal)

Cypress Woods XX def. Salado AS (Abigail Sullivan)

Stony Point RJ def. Strake Jesuit RC (Richard Cook)

Monsignor Kelly MM def. Winston Churchill ME (Maxwell Engel)

McNeil BP def. Cypress Falls TH (Tashrima Hossain)

Louis D. Brandeis CD def. Monsignor Kelly TW (Thomas Waddill)

Salado IH def. Strake Jesuit JS (John Sasso)

Cypress Falls KS def. Spring HW (Hayden Wyatt)

Strake Jesuit AT advances over Strake Jesuit RM (Rock Morille)

Kinkaid TG def. Katy Taylor NY (Neel Yerneni)

Westwood AG def. Katy Taylor JY (Jason Yang)


Kempner AB def. Salado IH (Isaac Hopkins) 3-0 (Fu, Lewis, Castillo)

Kinkaid TG def. Strake Jesuit AT (Alberto Tohme) 2-1 (Ababao, Koslow, *Hense)

Marcus LH def. McNeil BP (Bryce Pennell) 2-1 (Soberon, Hamilton, *Syed)

Stony Point RJ advances over Stony Point ZZ (Zoya Zia)

Strake Jesuit XX def. Monsignor Kelly MM (Merlyn Miller) 3-0 (Kassam, Radpour, Wei)

Louis D. Brandeis CD def. Travis AS (Arun Sharma) 2-1 (Hernandez, Iqbal, *Patel)

Westwood AG def. Cypress Falls KS (Karman Singh) 3-0 (Donovan, Sell, Rutter)

Cypress Woods XX def. Woodlands AC (Abigail Chapman) 2-1 (Bartholomew, Colling, *Clancy)


Louis D. Brandeis CD def. Marcus LH (Lyndie Ho) 3-0 (Wei, Sell, Rutter)

Cypress Woods XX def. Kinkaid TG (Tyler Gamble) 2-1 (Ababao, Donovan, *Kassam)

Westwood AG def. Stony Point RJ (Rachana Jadala) 3-0 (Woods, Castillo, Radpour)

Strake Jesuit XX def. Kempner AB (Azam Baig) 2-1 (Clancy, Hense, *Iqbal)


Westwood AG def. Strake Jesuit XX (Anthony Tohme) 2-1 (Woods, Wei, *Hense)

Cypress Woods XX def. Louis D. Brandeis CD (Courtney DeVore) 2-1 (Donovan, Castillo, *Clancy)


Westwood AG def. Cypress Woods XX (Xixiang Xiong) 3-0 (Wei, Donovan, Cheairs)


Westwood AG (Akhil Gandra)