Jessica Levy wins the Sunvitational

Congratulations to Jessica Levy from Walt Whitman for defeating Ben Ulene from Scarsdale to win the 2014 University School Sunvitational. Jessica is coached by Emily Massey, Eric Palmer, Jeremy Dang, and Michael Harris. Ben is coached by Joe Vaughan, Joseph Millman, and Sam Matthews. 

Double Octafinals

Walt Whitman JL def. Trinity Prep AR (Sigalow, Huett, Qurich)

Sacred Heart AT def. Bronx Science ID (Sigalow, Querido, Massey)

Scarsdale BU def. Lake Highland SP (Kawahara, Castillo, Renzi)

Lexington PC def. Scarsdale NT (Kawahara, Castillo, Huett)

Brandeis CD def. Strake Jesuit RC (Wilder, Chavez, Montecalvo)

Scarsdale JA def. Bettendorf EH (Wilder, Chy, Ditzian) 

Oxbridge NV def. Bronx Science CL (Brown, Joannides, Leavoy)

Lamp RR def. Walt Whitman YC (Brown, Evnen, Leavoy*)

Scarsdale CB def. Bronx Science JS (Ehrlich, Fried*, Hense)

Bronx Science DM def. Monticello DT (Ehrlich, Fried, Hense)

Cypress Bay JS def. Center JL (Abid, Ditzian, Massey)

Columbus NA def. Lexington DA (Abid, Tedrow, Eastlund)

Strake Jesuit JS over Strake Jesuit J

Lake Highland NN def. Strake Jesuit JZ (Hymson, Weisberg*, Evnen)

Lake Highland SA def. Walt Whitman DM (Hymson, Weisberg, Quirch*)

Trinity Prep MP def. Columbus MO (Vaughan, Renzi, Joannides)


Walt Whitman JL def. Trinity Prep MP (Freid, Ehrlich, Vaughan)

Scarsdale BU def. Lake Highland SA (Castillo, Renzi*, Struver)

Brandeis CD def. Columbus NA (Hymson*, Abid, Wilder)

Bronx Science DM def. Oxbridge NV (Kawahara, Weisberg, Larey)

Lamp RR def. Scarsdale CB (Ditzian*, Tedrow, Querido) 

Cypress Bay JS def. Scarsdale JA (Eastlund, Chy, Evnen)

Lake Highland NN def. Lexington PC (Huett, Massey*, Hense)

Strake Jesuit JS def. Sacred Heart AT (Joannides, Sigalow, Rose)


Cypress Bay JS  def. Brandeis CD (Wilder, Massey, Castillo)

Bronx Science DM def. Lamp RR (Evnen, Abid*, Hymson)

Scarsdale BU def. Lake Highland NN (Chy, Huett, Renzi)

Walt Whitman JL def. Strake Jesuit JS (Joannides, Sigalow, Kawahara)


Walt Whitman JL def. Bronx Science DM (Sigalow, Huett, Abid)

Scarsdale BU def. Cypress Bay JS (Wilder, Castillo, Evnen)


Walt Whitman JL def. Scarsdale BU (Huett, Kawahara, Evnen)