(Re)Introducing the VB Forum

Earlier this fall, we introduced a new discussion forum for the debate community. We called it vb3 (Victory Briefs Bulletin Board). vb3 allowed members to start discussion topics on their own, so they wouldn’t have to wait for a blog post to talk about the topics they found interesting. But this meant that you couldn’t post comments directly on VBD posts; you had to visit vb3 entry separately. Now we’ve changed that. 

Our new commenting system is integrated perfectly with the VB Forum. So you can view all discussions going on in the same place, over on the Forum. Our new commenting system is also optimized for mobile devices. So you can follow along and post on your computer, on your phone, or on a tablet. 

We adopted a commenting system that would be easy to follow. Comments appear in chronological order. It’s easy to jump in at any point, because you don’t have to search through different threads to find what people are talking about, or who’s responding to whom. 

Our commenting system is more like real conversation. You don’t have to refresh the page to see new comments. They’ll show up right when they’re posted. You can’t edit what you say in conversation. If you want to elaborate or correct an error, you can do that, just as we elaborate in conversations and newspapers publish corrections. But the system won’t allow you to edit a comment after 2 or 3 minutes have gone by.

You can log into the commenting system with your Facebook account or by creating a new account. You can post comments directly on articles, start a new thread in the sidebar, or visit the Forum by following the link in the navigation bar above. To show or hide instructions for formatting (e.g., bold, italic, etc.), click the question mark in the upper-right corner of the comment box. 

Any questions? Post a comment below. 

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