Varad Agarwala Wins Colleyville Heritage

Congratulations to Greenhill’s Varad Agarwala for championing the Colleyville Heritage tournament! In finals, Varad defeated Hockaday’s Anne-Marie Hwang on a 3-0 decision. Varad is coached by Aaron Timmons, Bekah Boyer, Rebecca Kuang, and Neil Conrad. Anne-Marie is coached by Eric Melin, Jason Sykes, Annie Zhu, and Catherine Tarsney. Colleyville is a finals bid to the Tournament of Champions.

Double Octafinals

Hockaday CN def. Law Magnet DD (Dino DeLao) 2-1 (Woods, *Arnett, Stephens)

Westwood AG def. Grapevine AY (Alex Yoakum) 3-0 (Woods Arnett, Stephens)

Greenhill VA def. Dulles KL (Kathie Lin) 2-1 (Levy, J. Melin, *Gill)

Kempner AB def. Dulles NB (Nolan Burdett) 2-1 (Levy, J. Melin, *Gill)

Greenhill BE def. Woodlands College Park HA (Hudson Attar) 3-0 (Agho-Otoghile, Boyd, Wei)

Greenhill GB def. Winston Churchill MW (Micky Wolf) 3-0 (Agho-Otoghile, Boyd, Wei)

Flower Mound JT def. Houston Memorial RM (Rajat Mehndiratta) 3-0 (Boyer, Powell, Hodge)

Katy Taylor NY def. Law Magnet RD (Ruben Delgado) 3-0 (Boyer, Powell, Hodge)

Hockaday AH def. Cypress Woods NS (Natasha Stewart) 2-1 (Clancy, Berdugo, *Cavanaugh)

Hockaday LU def. Marcus LH (Lyndie Ho) 3-0 (Clancy, Berdugo, Cavanaugh)

Woodlands College Park VM def. Cypress Falls TH (Tashrima Hossain) 3-0 (Becker, Johnston, Koshak)

Kempner VN def. Plano East SA (Shomik Ati) 2-1 (Becker, Johnston, *Koshak)

Travis AS def. Trinity Valley PK (Parth Kalaria) 2-1  (*Shields, Wright, Timmons)

Flower Mound JS def. Winston Churchill ZZ (Zachary Zertuche) 2-1 (Shields, *Wright, Timmons)

Greenhill MM def. Cypress Falls KS (Karman Singh) 3-0 (Sims, Tripe, Singri)

Cypress Woods XX def. Christ Episcopal MK (Matthew Koshak) 2-1 (Sims, *Tripe, Singri)


Hockaday LU def. Flower Mound JT (Jeremy Tsai) 3-0 (Shields, Clancy, Hodge)

Greenhill BE def. Kempner VN (Vincent Nguyen) 2-1 (*Okere, Powell, Wei)

Westwood AG def. Greenhill MM (Mitali Mathur) 3-0 (Kassam, Tripe, Gill)

Greenhill VA def. Flower Mound JS (Jalaj Sood) 2-1 (Cavanaugh, Boyd, *Yim)

Hockaday AH def. Katy Taylor NY (Neel Yerneni) 2-1 (Stephens, *Levy, Woods)

Hockaday CN def. Cypress Woods XX (Xixiang Xiong) 2-1 (Sims, Berdugo, *Boyer)

Kempner AB advances over Travis AS (Arun Sharma)

Woodlands College Park VM def. Greenhill GB (Graham Baker) 2-1 (Arnett, *Becker, J. Melin)


Hockaday CN def. Westwood AG (Akhil Gandra) 2-1 (Sims, Stephens, *Berdugo)

Greenhill VA def. Kempner AB (Azam Baig) 2-1 (*Clancy, Levy, Woods)

Greenhill BE def. Woodlands College Park VM (Venkatesh Muppaneni) 2-1 (Hodge, Becker, *Wei)

Hockaday AH advances over Hockaday LU (Lakshmi Uppalapati)


Hockaday AH advances over Hockaday CN (Chloe Naguib)

Greenhill VA advances over Greenhill BE (Bennett Eckert)


Greenhill VA def. Hockaday AH (Anne-Marie Hwang) 3-0 (Berdugo, Woods, Levy)


Greenhill VA (Varad Agarwala)

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