Chris Kymn Wins the 2014 USC Tournament

Congratulations to Loyola’s Chris Kymn for winning the 2014 University of Southern California tournament! In finals, Chris defeated PV Peninsula’s James Zhang. USC is a semifinals bid to the Tournament of Champions. An additional congrats are in order to Shelby Heitner, Nick Steele, and James Zhang for finishing their qualifications to the TOC!


Harvard Westlake CC def. Loyola NR (Nicholas Rogers) 3-0 (Alderete, Torson, Solomon)

PV Peninsula JZ def. Brentwood CH (Carson Horky) 2-1 (*Overing, Placido, Harris)

Harvard Westlake SH def. Lynbrook DW (Dhruv Walia) 3-0 (Lovell, Cowger, Overing)

Loyola CK def. PV Peninsula JL (Jonas Le Barillec) 3-0 (Solomon, O’Krent, Cowger)

Del mar Independent VB def. Brentwood JC (Jacob Chorches) 3-0 (Overing, Placido, Harris)

Loyola MG def. Immaculate Heart AS (Ariel Shin) 2-1 (Alderete, Torson, *Fife)

Brentwood JR over Brentwood JL (Jackson Lallas)

Harvard Westlake NS over Harvard Weslake AK (Annie Kors)


PV Peninsula JZ def. Harvard Westlake CC (Cameron Cohen) (Cowger, Placido, Harris)

Del Mar Independent VB def. Brentwood JR (Jacob Reiter) (Torson, Peiris, Overing)

Harvard Westlake SH over Harvard Westlake NS (Nick Steele)

Loyola CK over Loyola MG (McKay Giller)


Loyola CK def. Del Mar Independent VB (Varun Bhave) (Torson, Weiss, Fife)

PV Peninsula JZ def. Harvard Westlake SH (Shelby Heitner) (Cowger, Placido, Overing)


Loyola CK def. PV Peninsula JZ (James Zhang) (Torson, Cowger, Fife)


Loyola CK (Chris Kymn)