Bennett Eckert Wins TFA State

Congratulations to Greenhill’s Bennett Eckert for championing the 2014 TFA State tournament in Houston, TX. In finals, he defeated Katy Taylor’s Neel Yerneni on a 2-1 decision (*Emerson, Babb, Tripe). Bennett is coached by Aaron Timmons, Neil Conrad, Bekah Boyer, Eric Forslund, and Rebecca Kuang. Neel is coached by Gay Hollis, Eric Beane, and Jordan Lamothe. 

Double Octafinals

Kinkaid NK def. Flower Mound JS 3-0 (Wright, Nunley, Boyer) 

Travis AS def. Salado IH 3-0 (Wright, Nunley, Boyer) 

Greenhill VA def. St. Agnes MR 3-0 (Swenson-Weiner, McGee, Colling)

Marcus LH def. Calhoun Home AC 2-1 (Imas, Perry, *Melin) 

Strake Jesuit JSt def. Hockaday CN 2-1 (*Cavanaugh, Sims, Johnston)

Strake Jesuit AlTo def. Law Magnet DD 2-1 (*Cavanaugh, Sims, Johnston)

Northland Christian SH def. Woodlands AC 2-1 (*Babb, Tripe, Boyd) 

Katy Taylor NY def. Kinkaid MS 3-0 (Babb, Tripe, Durrani) 

Clements FT def. Klein DT 3-0 (Castillo, Ketkar, Feng) 

Northland Christian DL def. Strake Jesuit AnTo 3-0 (Wei, Chou, Ati) 

Strake Jesuit JoSa def. Colleyville AS 3-0 (Butler, Schwartz, Graham) 

Clements RG def. Greenhill SW 3-0 (Koshak, Lumpee, Dillard) 

Greenhill BE def. Cypress Falls KS 3-0 (Gravley, Woods, Ati)

Greenhill MM def. Strake Jesuit RB 3-0 (Gravley, Woods, Overton) 

Cypress Woods XX def. Strake Jesuit SM 2-1 (Clancy, Sullivan, *Joyner) 

Kempner AB def. Strake Jesuit JZ 2-1 (Clancy, *Sullivan, Joyner) 


Travis AS def. Northland Christian SH (Shania Hunt) 2-1 (Castillo, Imas, *Ketkar)

Greenhill VA def. Kempner AB (Azam Baig) 3-0 (Durrani, Nunley, Wei)

Kinkaid NK def. Strake Jesuit JSt (J Stuckert) 2-1 (Schwartz, Joseph, Dillard) 

Strake Jesuit AlTo def. Cypress Woods XX (Shawn Xiang) 3-0 (Sullivan, Melin, Graham)

Katy Taylor NY def. Northland Christian DL (David Labarre) 2-1 (*Boyer, Emerson, Wright)

Greenhill MM def. Clements FT (Felix Tan) 2-1 (*Herrera, Johnson, Overton)

Greenhill BE def. Strake Jesuit JoSa (John Sasso) 3-0 (Babb, Joyner, Woods)

Clements RG def. Marcus LH (Lyndie Ho) 3-0 (Tyger, Sims, Butler) 


Clements RG def. Travis AS (Arun Sharma) 2-1 (Boyer, *Sims, Imas)

Katy Taylor NY def. Strake Jesuit AlTo (Alberto Tohme) 2-1 (*Babb, Woods, Joyner)

Greenhill MM def. Kinkaid NK (Nina Kalluri) 2-1 (*Nunley, Herrera, Lumpee)

Greenhill BE def. Greenhill VA (Varad Agarwala) 2-1 (Dillard, *Gravley, Overton)


Katy Taylor NY def. Greenhill MM (Mitali Mathur) (Overton, Wei, Nunley)

Greenhill BE def. Clements RG (Rebecca Gelfer) (Koshak, Joyner, Herrera)


Greenhill BE def. Katy Taylor NY (Neel Yerneni) 2-1 (*Emerson, Babb, Tripe) 


Greenhill BE (Bennett Eckert)