Camper of the Day: Megan Chang

We’re bringing back an old camp favorite – camper of the day! Read about today’s camper of the day, Megan Chang, below. 

Lab: Sean Doherty-Powell and Miriam Kelberg

Favorite part of VBI so far: I’ve met so many new friends and learned a variety of new debate skills.

What are your interests outside of debate? I love playing violin, playing piano, swimming, reading, and singing.

Favorite animal: I like dolphins, pandas, and turtles.

Favorite VBI Omegathon event: I’m excited about the Limbo because in the past, I’ve been pretty good at it, due to my height.

Favorite TV show: I like MasterChef, and sometimes, to pass time, I watch Disney Channel.

Favorite song: My favorite song is “Problem” by Ariana Grande.

Tell us about the piano competition you’ll be doing this weekend: I will be competing in the Southwestern Youth Music Festival (SYMF), playing Chopin’s Grande Valse Brillante, Op.34, No.1 in A flat Major. P.S. I also had 3 violin competitions last weekend 🙂 I have been preparing for SYMF for a few months now.

Have you been practicing at camp? It’s been a little harder to practice, because debate assignments take up a lot of time, but I’ve tried to practice everyday.

Make sure to say hello to Megan if you see her around camp and stay tuned for more camper profiles!