Camper of the Day: Aashima Garg

Lab: Danny DeBois and Daniel Tartakovsky

What are you interests outside of debate? I really enjoy running and photography. Follow me in insta! 

What is your favorite part of VBI so far? LAB!!! Danny and Daniel do such a great job of making sure lab is both productive and fun every day. I  feel like I improved exponentially by my 2nd day at camp (that’s insane!). And, I never would have thought I’d laugh so much at debate camp — our lab is so close knit, and if you catch us when we’re not working, we’ll probably be laughing.

Favorite Omegathon event: P90X (hasn’t happened yet, but i know i’ll like it)

What is your spirit animal? A turtle. The emoji is so cute and quirky!

Any funny stories from lab? We have lots of mean girl references!!! And, half our lab doesn’t even go here. Like we keep telling Danny to stop trying to make theory happen… it doesn’t work 🙂

What are you most looking forward to at VBI? Hopefully not falling asleep at 10 PM on the last night of camp like I did last year. I definitely missed out on all the bonding and shenanigans.

Why did you come to VBI? I came to VBI to get better at debate. And, my experience at camp last year was phenomenal. I had to come back– not only to expand my knowledge about Theory and Ks, but also to see my friends! VBI has given me a family to look forward to seeing every year at camp, circuit tournaments, and, of course, google hangouts.