New Framework File Resource – Introducing The Value Criterion

Check out The Value Criterion (, a new educational resource for the Lincoln-Douglas community! 

What is this site? The Value Criterion is a project that provides debaters with free access to high-quality framework evidence and arguments, including framework justifications and blocks.

Why does this site exist? The Value Criterion was created to address access issues, help younger debaters, promote philosophy education, improve the quality of and foster innovation in framework debates, and encourage topical debate.

How can you help? For this project to succeed we need your support. If you would like to contribute framework files to The Value Criterion, please email us at

You can also help by telling your friends and teammates about the site! Make a status, chat your friends; we’d be grateful for any support you can give.

Lastly, we’d definitely appreciate any questions or feedback you may have. Send us an email, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


—Henry Zhang, founder


Two additional notes:

  1. The information on the site is compiled entirely from public resources and personal, voluntary contributions.
  2. We realize that there will inevitably be some people who employ this site’s resources without much further thinking. Don’t be one of those people; make sure you understand the arguments and do some further reading. Regardless, we think that this site’s existence won’t affect blind recycling much, but the community is still made much better off for harnessing this to increase the quality and variety of framework arguments (and for the other reasons discussed above).

title=”New Framework File Resource – Introducing The Value Criterion”
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