Bennett Eckert wins the Plano Senior Fall Classic

Congratulations to Greenhill’s Bennett Eckert for winning the 2014 Plano Senior Fall Classic in Plano, Texas! In finals he defeated Grapevine’s Alex Yoakum on a 3-0 decision (Kris Wright, Aabid Shivji, and John Smith). Here are the elimination round results for the 2014 Plano Senior Fall Classic:



Law Magnet DD def. Plano East AK (Aimun Khan)

Colleyville AC def. Law Magnet JM (Juan Martinez)

Grapevine AY def. Marcus LH (Lyndie Ho)

Colleyville RC def. Law Magnet MH (Maria Hernandez)

Greenhill BE def. Coppel PS (Prinon Shahed)

Liberty Christian BS def. Colleyville SS (Shahnoor Semy)

All Saints Episcopal NF def. Keller NH (Nick Hadsell)

Guyer RS def. Southlake KP (Keya Patel)



Law Magnet DD def. Liberty Christian BS (Breann Smith)

Grapevine AY def. Guyer RS (Riley Steward)

Colleyville AC def. All Saints Episcopal NF (Noah Fanous)

Greenhill BE def. Colleyville RC (Rachana Kolli)



Grapevine AY def. Law Magent DD (Dino De La O)

Greenhill BE def. Colleyville (Alizah Charaniya)



Greenhill BE def. Grapevine AY (Alex Yoakum)



Greenhill BE (Bennett Eckert)