Akhil Gandra Wins the 2014 Grapevine Classic

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Grapevine, TX – Congratulations to Akhil Gandra of Westwood for winning the 2014 Grapevine Classic. In finals he defeated Drew Burd of Westlake on a 2-1 decision (*Sims, Melin, Zhou). Akhil is coached by Rodrigo Paramo; Drew is coached by Benjamin Koh.

The Grapevine Classic is a semifinals level bid to the TOC that takes place on September 12-13 in sunny Grapevine, Texas. Stay tuned for results, discussion, pairings, and live updates throughout the weekend. Please feel free to share updates on records and comments/thoughts relating to the tournament.

It took a 3-2 record with 86.2 adjusted speaks in order to advance to elim rounds. Congratulations to those who broke!



Westwood AG def Flower Mound HD 2-1 (*Gunn, Castillo, Wright)

Marcus LH def Kincaid eh 3-0 (Wright, Castillo, Gunn)

Woodlands AC def Colleyville AC 3-0 (Zhou, Graham, Emerson)

Westlake DB def Plano East SA 3-0 (Zhou, Graham, Emerson)

Strake SM def Liberty Christian BS 3-0 (Hodge, Wei, Pietsche)

Hockaday AH def Strake RC 3-0 (Hodge, Wei, Pietsch)

Westwood SN def Kinkaid TG 2-1 (Sims, *Acevedo, Boyer)

Calhoun Home AC def Flower Mound AZ 2-1 (Sims, *Acevedo, Boyer)

St. Thomas JB def Flower Mound JS 2-1 (Henson, *Woods, Sell)

Woodlands College Par VM def Dulles KL 2-1 (McCabe, *Harrison, Beard)

Strake AnTo def Dulles SA 3-0 (Melin, Sullivan, Popatia)

Strake JZ def Katy Taylor NY 2-1 (Melin, Sullivan, *Popatia)

Kinkaid NK def Edmond Santa Fe IM 2-1 (*Tripe, Paarman, Zhang)

Law Magnet DD def Monsignor Kelly MM 3-0 (Paarman, Tripe, Cullum)

Strake AT def Greenhill MM 3-0 (Paramo, Sharma, Shivji)

Greenhill BE def Cedar Ridge RP 3-0 (Paramo, Sharma, Shivji)



Strake AT def Law Magnet DD 2-1 (Zhang, *Melin, Maniguet)

Westwood AG def Kinkaid NK 3-0 (Henson, Wright, Sharma)

Woodlands AC def Strake JZ 2-1 (Zhu, Popatia, *Cullum)

Westlake DB def Strake SM 2-1 (Sims, *Pietsch, Hodge)

Hockaday AH def Westwood SN 2-1 (Zhou, *Acevedo, Woods)

Calhoun Home AC def St Thomas JB 2-1 (Sheth, *Beane, Boyer)

Greenhill BE def Strake AnTo 3-0 (Shivji, Paramo, Nair)

Marcus LH def Woodlands College Par VM 2-1 (*Wei, Castillo, Graham)



Marcus LH def Strake AT 2-1 (Graham, *Zhu, Wright)

Westwood AG def Greenhill BE 3-0 (Sharma, Woods, Maniguet)

Woodlands AC def Calhoun Home AC 3-0 (Sims, Hodge, Melin)

Westlake DB def Hockaday AH 2-1 (Castillo, *Wei, Acevedo)



Westlake DB def Marcus LH 3-0 (Sims, Castillo, Hodge)

Westwood AG def Woodlands AC 3-0 (Wei, Sharma, Melin)



Westwood AG def Westlake DB 2-1 (*Sims, Melin, Zhou)


Top 10 Speakers:

1. Alberto Tohme (Strake Jesuit College AT)

2. Akhil Gandra (Westwood AG)

3. Bennett Eckert (Greenhill BE)

4. Abbey Chapman (Woodlands AC)

5. Venkatesh Muppaneni (Woodlands College Par VM)

6. Raunak Pillai (Cedar Ridge RP)

7. Kathie Lin (Dulles KL)

8. Lyndie Ho (Marcus LH)

9. Sean McCormick (Strake Jesuit College SM)

10. Anthony Tohme (Strake Jesuit AnTo)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]