Adam Tomasi Wins 2014 Wake Forest University Earlybird!


Congratulations to Adam Tomasi for winning the 2014 Wake Forest University Earlybird! In finals he defeated Gabe Ren of North Allegheny on a 3-0 decision (Brown,Koohestani, Gidley).

The Wake Forest University Earlybird is a finals level bid to the TOC that takes place on September 12-14 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Stay tuned for results, discussion, pairings, and live updates throughout the weekend. Please feel free to share updates on records and comments/thoughts relating to the tournament.



Ardey Kell DK advances

Ardey Kell GD advances

Durham Academy DB advances

Lake Braddock Seconda ZA advances

North Allegheny DB advances

North Allegheny GR advances

Lake Braddock Seconda JM def North Allegeny JZ

North Carolina School TP advances

Northwest Guilford HR advances

Oakton CW vs Upper Arlington HW

Sacred Heart AT advances

Stamford SA vs Saint James PD

Lake Braddock Seconda OE def Thomas Jefferson High JG

Thomas Jefferson High SG advances

William G Enloe SD advances

duPont Manual ST advances.



Lake Braddock Seconda ZS def Audrey Kell GD

Lake Braddock Seconda JM def Durham Academy DB

North Allegheny DB def Oakton CW

North Allegheny GR def Ardrey Kell DK

North Carolina School TP def Lake Braddock Seconda OE

Thomas Jefferson High SG def Northwest Guilford HR

Sacred Heart AT def William G Enloe SD

duPont Manual ST def Stamford SA



Sacred Heart AT def Lake Braddock Seconda JM

Thomas Jefferson High SG def North Allegheny DB

Lake Braddock Seconda ZS def North Carolina School TP

North Allegheny GR def duPont Manual ST



Sacred Heart AT def Lake Braddock Secondary ZS

North Allegheny GR def Thomas Jefferson High SG



Sacred Heart AT def North Allegheny GR (Brown,Koohestani, Gidley)