Neal Kapoor and Sreya Pinnamaneni Close Out Collegiate Round Robin!


Photo Credit: Jon Cruz


Welcome to our coverage of the 2014 Collegiate Round Robin!

Congratulations to Neal Kapoor and Sreya Pinnamaneni of Lake Highland for closing out the 2014 Collegiate RR! Both debaters had a ballot count of 11.

Aracelis Biel has released the field for the 2014 Collegiate Round Robin, to be held at the Collegiate School in NYC on September 13 & 14. Stay tuned for results, discussion, pairings, and live updates throughout the weekend. Please feel free to share updates on records and comments/thoughts relating to the tournament.

Results can be found here.


Top 5 Speakers:

1. Neal Kapoor (Lake Highland)

2. Leora Korn (Walt Whitman)

3. Sreya Pinnameneni (Lake Highland)

4. Oliver Korten (Bronx Science)

5. Trent Gilbert (Valley TG)


Orange Pod

Bronx OK

Byram SC

Collegiate HH

Harrison EA

Lake Highland NK

Scarsdale DW

University JR

Whitman LK

Blue Pod

Bronx JS

Byram PE

Collegiate DK

Harrison KK

Lake Highland SR

Lexington LW

Scarsdale SJ

Valley TG