Akhil Jalan Wins the 2014 Loyola Invitational

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Congratulations to Akhil Jalan of Peninsula for winning the Loyola Invitational. He advanced over Shivane Sabharwal of Fremont because Shivane had to leave early. Akhil is coached by Scott Wheeler and Chris Theis. Shivane is coached by Michael Harris.

The Loyola Invitational is a semifinals level bid to the TOC that takes place on September 12-14 in beautiful Los Angeles, California. Stay tuned for results, discussion, pairings, and live updates throughout the weekend. Please feel free to share updates on records and comments/thoughts relating to the tournament.

The pairings can be found here.

Prelim results/records can be found here.



Los Altos JN vs Meadows MS (Dharani, Harris, Bistagne)

Miramonte TK vs Oregon Episcopal School (OES) SL (Dharani, Saluja, Roke)

Jmhsdebate DD vs Peninsula JL (Overing, Damerdji, Shmikler)

Oakwood Secondary JW vs FSHA (Flintridge) MC (Wheeler, Chen, Shmikler)

Del Mar Independent VB vs Immaculate Heart LM (Walton, Knell, Fife)

Crossroads NS vs Brentwood CH (Walton, Bistagne, Damerdji)

La Canada AZ vs Marlborough AG (Placido, Helali, Peiris)

Del Mar Independent SS vs Peninsula KK (Ahsan, Harris, Placido)

Harvard-Westlake NS vs Chaminade CP BS (Torson, Alderete, Chen)

Chaminade CP JC vs Servite RD (Ettington, Torson, Fife)

Brentwood JR over Brentwood JC

Peninsula AJ advances without debating

Lynbrook DW over Lynbrook SS

Brentwood JL advances without debating

Peninsula AT advances without debating

Fremont SS advances without debating



Harvard Westlake NS vs La Canada AZ (Ahsan, Torson, Chen)

Servite RD vs Lynbrook DW (Fife, Saluja, Helali)

Oakwood Secondary JW vs Miramonte TK (Walton, Harris, Roke)

Los Altos JN vs Fremont SS (Dharani, Placido, Shmikler)

Brentwood JL over Brentwood JR

Peninsula AT over Peninsula JL

Peninsula AJ over Peninsula KK



Brentwood JL vs Harvard-Westlake (Walton, Wheeler, Bistagne)

Lynbrooks Debate DW vs Peninsula AJ (Ahsan, Fife, Chen)

Fremont SS vs Miramonte TK (Dharani, Roke, Helali)

Peninsula AT vs Del Mar Independent VB (Torson, Harris, Shmikler)



Peninsula AJ def Brentwood JL 3-0 (Fife, Neesen, Overing)

Fremont SS def Peninsula AT 3-0 (Chen, Dharani, Shmikler)



Peninsula AJ over Fremont SS (Fremont SS had to depart early)


Top 10 Speakers:

1. Akhil Jalan (Peninsula)

2. Arjun Tambe (Peninsula)

3. Shivane Sabharwal (Fremont)

4. Varun Bhave (Del Mar Independent)

5. Jackson Lallas (Brentwood)

6. Dhruv Walia (Lynbrooks Debate)

7. Nick Steele (Harvard-Westlake)

8. Alexander Zhao (La Canada)

9. Jeremiah Cha (Chaminade)

10. Tom Kadie (Miramonte)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]