David Branse Wins the 2014 Yale Invitational

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New Haven, CT – Congratulations to University’s David Branse for winning the 2014 Yale Invitational. In finals, he defeated Byram Hill’s Amos Jeng on a 4-1 decision (Li, Zhang, Huang, McGrew, Kors*). David is coached by Zach Prax, Tom Evnen, and Grant Reiter. Amos is coached by Janna White, Ben Ulene, and Ben Koh.


Link to full results: https://www.tabroom.com/index/tourn/results/index.mhtml?tourn_id=2732 



University DB advances without debating

Benjamin Cardozo AB advances without debating

Scarsdale RG advances without debating

Hunter College SC advances without debating

Brentwood MR def. Collegiate NE

Hawken NK def. Ridge AS

Scarsdale AY def. Newark Science TB

Scarsdale MB def. Lexington MH

Walt Whitman LS def. Collegiate DK

Bronx Science GM def. Hunter College AK

Bronx Science ID def. Newburgh Free Academy RH

WDM Valley GS def. Stuyvesant SW

Ridge TT def. Millburn WH

Byram Hills CG def. WDM Valley TF

Harrison KK def. Hunter College JC

Walt Whitman SC def. Concord Carlisle DU

Walt Whitman SP def. Bronx Science DR

Bronx Science JS def. Scarsdale DW

WDM Valley TG def. Millburn CSu

Princeton DE def. DuPont Manual EH

University KC def. Durham DB

Bronx Science OK def. Lake Highland AA

Immaculate Heart LM def. Lexington JK

Upper Arlington HW def. Syosset RC

Scarsdale MM def. WDM Valley EM

Lexington AS def. Ridge NP

Brentwood JC def. Bronx Science CL

Byram Hills PE def. North Allegheny JZ

Byram Hills AJ def. Scarsdale MC

Lake Highland RS def. Byram Hills SC

Oxbridge NV def. Princeton CP

Harrison EE def. McDowell JP


Double Octafinals

University DB def. Brentwood MR (Micah Rosen)

Hawken NK def. Scarsdale AY (Adam Young)

Scarsdale MB def. Walt Whitman LS (Lily Sun)

Bronx Science ID over Bronx Science GM (Griffin Miller)

WDM Valley GS def. Ridge TT (Timothy Tang)

Harrison KK def. Byram Hills CG (Claudia Greenspan)

Walt Whitman SC over Walt Whitman SP (Sophie Palim)

Bronx Science JS def. Hunter College SC (Sophia Caldera)

Scarsdale RG def. WDM Valley TG (Trent Gilbert)

Princeton DE def. University KC (Karan Choudhary)

Bronx Science OK def. Immaculate Heart LM (Louisa Melcher)

Scarsdale MM def. Upper Arlington HW (Henry Wu)

Lexington AS def. Brentwood JC (Jacob Chorches)

Byram Hills AJ over Byram Hills PE (Paul Erlanger)

Lake Highland RS def. Oxbridge Academy of the Palm Beaches NV (Nalin Vattigunta)

Harrison EE def. Benjamin Cardozo AB (Alex Boukis)



University DB def. Hawken NK (Nicole Kastelic) 3-0 (Cha, Cumming, Massey)

Scarsdale MB def. Bronx Science ID (Isis Davis-Marks) 2-1 (Evnen, Prasad, Doherty-Powell*)

Harrison KK def. WDM Valley GS (Gina Scorpiniti) 3-0 (Gorthey, Levy, Naguib)

Walt Whitman SC def. Bronx Science JS (John Staunton) 2-1 (Chace, Reiter, Natbony*)

Princeton DE def. Scarsdale RG (Rahul Gosain) 2-1 (Azbel, Zhang, Thompson*)

Scarsdale MM def. Bronx Science OK (Oliver Korten) 2-1 (Curtis, Kors, Koh*)

Byram Hills AJ def. Lexington AS (Achal Srinivasan) 3-0 (Berman, Kymn, Millman)

Lake Highland RS def. Harrison EE (Ella Eisinger) 3-0 (Gichan, Hom, Li)



University DB def. Scarsdale MB (Michael Bogaty) 3-0 (Hom, Huang, Levy)

Whitman SC def. Harrison KK (Kathryn Kenny) 2-1 (Gorthey, Li, Pregasen*)

Scarsdale MM def. Princeton DE (Daniel Edelberg) 3-0 (Cha, Koh, Li)

Byram Hills AJ def. Lake Highland RS (Rikhav Shah) 3-0 (Kymn, Natbony, Reiter)



University DB def. Walt Whitman (Sophia Caldera) 3-0 (Hom, Li, Pregasen)

Byram Hills AJ def. Scarsdale MM (Matt Mandel) 3-0 (Kors, Levy, Li)



University DB def. Byram Hills AJ (Amos Jeng) 4-1 (Li, Zhang, Huang, McGrew, Kors*)



University DB (David Branse)