Call for Responses to “Protecting All of the Children in the Auditorium”

We recently published a guest article by Jonathan Alston, Anthony Berryhill, and Aaron Timmons on Briefly. We know that many readers disagree with some of the claims made in that article. We would like to publish some critical responses to the article.

Some of the conclusions made in the article are uncontroversial. For example, the authors argue that debate websites should not tolerate bullying of students. But there are also claims that we know are controversial, and we invite readers to submit articles that present alternative perspectives about them. Some topics that may be appropriate for critical responses include but are not limited to

  1. the authors’ specific policy recommendations for websites, tournaments, and teams;
  2. guidelines and boundaries for appropriate public criticism of coaches;
  3. alternative personal experiences, feelings, and perspectives on the historical examples discussed in the article; and
  4. a defense of the student protest at the 2014 TOC.

We are not interested in publishing ad hominem attacks on the authors. We hope to publish responses that contribute constructively to the discussion, conform to our commenting policy, and exemplify good standards of argument and writing, according to our editorial judgment.

Our publication of an article, as always, does not indicate that Victory Briefs agrees with it. But it does express our opinion that the article is worth discussing.