Voices Round Robin Pods Announced


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Presentation Pod

Del Mar – Kevin Krotz
Harker – Pranav Reddy
Harvard-Westlake – Nick Steele
Meadows – Melanie Shackleford
Miramonte – Tom Kadie
Palo Alto – Anna Lu

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Voices Pod

Harvard-Westlake – Cameron Cohen
Jmhsdebate – David Dosch
Lynbrook Debate – Dhruv Walia
Mission San Jose – Anand Balaji
Presentation – Mariah Stewart
Whitefish Bay – Evan Zhao[/ezcol_1half_end]

From the tournament director, Dan Meyers:
The Voices Round Robin will, again, feature an alternative time structure to aid in exploration of ways to improve LD debate and to investigate what is and is not inherent to our current format. You can see that format below. The Round Robin will be capped off by a final round that will be recorded and posted and an Education Forum that will feature a panel of competitors who are asked questions by a panel of coaches and judges as well as the audience and community at large. All competitors are eligible to participate in the Educational Forum. If you have questions you would like the Educational Forum to address, you may submit those questions here.

Alternative time format:
1AC: 6
CX: 2
1NC: 6
CX: 2
2AC: 5
CX: 1
2NC: 7
CX: 1
1AR: 4
1NR: 3
2AR: 3
2NR: 2
3AR: 2
Prep: 4 each