Varun Bhave Wins Voices


San Jose, CA – Congratulations to Del Mar’s Varun Bhave for winning the 2014 Voices Invitational. In finals, Varun defeated Harvard-Westlake’s Nick Steele on a 2-1 decision (Torson, DeLateur, Newkirk*). Congratulations to both debaters! The Voices Invitational is a quarterfinals bid qualifying tournament to the Tournament of Champions.


About the Voices Foundation:

Since 2005 the Voices Foundation has raised funds for the financially disadvantaged members of the LD debate community, primarily through its Round Robins and other efforts by the community. That money will go to help a record number of aid applicants attend summer debate institutes and tournaments during the year. We hope that you can join us for this tremendous event for the entire community.


The Voices Foundation was established by a student-coach in an effort to make high school debate accessible to all students, regardless of financial circumstance. The Foundation strives to address shortfalls of resources and support that impede participation by financially disadvantaged individuals and teams through educational programs, outreach efforts to high schools and middle schools trying to start teams, and scholarships for summer camp, tournaments, and coaching.


Find out more about the Voices Foundation here or

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Pairings and results can be found on Tabroom:


Congratulations to Harker’s Pranav Reddy for winning top speaker.

Speaker Awards

  1. Harker – Pranav Reddy
  2. John Marshall – David Dosch
  3. Harvard-Westlake – Cameron Cohen
  4. Del Mar/Torrey Pines – Varun Bhave
  5. Lynbrook – Dhruv Walia
  6. Mission San Jose – Anand Balaji
  7. Harvard-Westlake – Nick Steele
  8. Miramonte – Tom Kadie
  9. Oakwood Secondary – Jack Wareham
  10. Los Altos – James Naumovski


Double Octafinals

Meadows MS def. Dougherty Valley SZ

Lynbrook DW def. Dougherty Valley CR

Harker KQ def. FSHA MC

Mission San Jose AB def. Oakwood Secondary AM

Harvard-Westlake NS def. Immaculate Heart LM

Oakwood Secondary JW def. Peninsula JL

La Canada AZ def. Mountain View VP

Harvard-Westlake CC def. Bainbridge CW

Marlborough AG def. Palo Alto AL

Del Mar VB def. Meadows AT

John Marshall DD def. Peninsula KK

Miramonte TK def. Crossroads NS

Del Mar AI def. Evergreen KV

Palo Alto AM def. Arbor View AA

Del Mar KB over Del Mar KK

Harker PR over Harker SP



Meadows MS def. Mission San Jose AB 3-0 (Fife, Jacobson, Pyda)

Lynbrook DW def. Harvard-Westlake CC 2-1 (Carter, McHugh, Amestoy*)

Harker KQ def. Palo Alto AM 2-1 (Harris*, Roberts, Sonnenberg)

Harker PR def. Oakwood Secondary JW 3-0 (Kennedy, Knell, Wheeler)

Harvard-Westlake NS def. La Canada AZ 3-0 (Chen, Torson, Alderete)

John Marshall DD def. Del Mar KB 3-0 (Fink, Peiris, Placido)

Del Mar VB def. Marlborough AG 3-0 (DeLateur, Hughes, Hunt)

Del Mar AI def. Miramonte TK 2-1 (Ahn, Bistagne*, Leone)


Quarterfinals (bid)

Harker PR over Harker KQ (Karen Qi)

Del Mar VB def. John Marshall DD (David Dosch) 3-0 (DeLateur, Placido, Torson)

Harvard-Westlake NS def. Lynbrook DW (Dhruv Walia) 3-0 (Bistagne, Fink, Pyda)

Meadows MS def. Del Mar AI (Ash Israni) 2-1 (Amestoy, Harris, Knell*)



Harvard-Westlake NS def. Meadows MS (Melanie Shackleford) 3-0 (Newkirk, Pyda, Torson)

Del Mar VB def. Harker PR (Pranav Reddy) 2-1 (DeLateur, Harris, Knell*)



Del Mar VB (aff) def. Harvard-Westlake NS (Nick Steele) 2-1 (Torson, DeLateur, Newkirk*)



Del Mar VB (Varun Bhave)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]