November-December LD Briefs and November PF Briefs are now Available


November- December Lincoln-Douglas Brief

Resolved:The “right to be forgotten” from Internet searches ought to be a civil right.

The Lincoln-Douglas brief features:

  • 90 single-spaced pages of analysis—more than twice as much analysis as other briefs (by word count)—with integrated evidence
  • Overview of resolutional interpretations by Chris Theis (two-time TOC Champion) and Jake Nebel (Coach of the 2013 TOC Champion)
  • Suggestions for philosophical casing by Marshall Thompson (2010 Greenhill and Bronx Champion)
  • Discussion of pragmatic implications by Jacob Nails (Debater at Georgia State Universtity and Coach at Sacred Heart)
  • A critical perspective by Steven Knell (Coach at Harvard-Westlake)
  • Over 200 cards cut by Rebecca Kuang (2013 TOC Champion), Nick Smith (Coach at Hopkins High School), and authors

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November Public Forum Brief

Resolved: On balance, the benefits of genetically modified foods outweigh the harms.

The Public Forum briefs includes  nearly 40 (single-spaced) pages of analyses by:

  • the Evanston Township Speech and Debate team (NSDA School of Excellence at 2014 Nationals),
  • Abraham Fraifield (coach of the 2014 TOC co-champions in PF), and
  • Shania Hunt (alumna of Team USA, champion of Greenhill and the Cal Round Robin in LD).

With evidence cut by TOC champion Rebecca Kuang and authors.

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