PV Peninsula Closes Out St. Marks



Dallas, TX – Congratulations to PV Peninsula’s Arjun Tambe and Akhil Jalan for closing out the 2014 Heart of Texas Invitational at St. Marks! Arjun and Akhil won the top two speaker awards in addition to closing out the regular tournament! Congratulations to both debaters! Arjun and Akhil are coached by Scott Wheeler and Chris Theis.

St. Marks is a octafinals bid tournament to the Tournament of Champions. There will be 6 preliminary rounds, with 4 prelims on Saturday, and 2 on Sunday, with double and octafinals. The remaining elimination rounds will be held on Monday.


Congratulations to Peninsula’s Akhil Jalan and Arjun Tambe for winning 2nd and 3rd speaker, respectively. Congratulations to Harker’s Pranav Reddy for winning top speaker. (just kidding, they were 1st and 2nd.)


Pairings can be found on Tabroom: https://www.tabroom.com/index/tourn/index.mhtml?tourn_id=3151

Prelim Records



Double Octafinals

Dulles KS def. Evanston EW (Shmikler, Harris, Fife)

Dulles NB def. Greenhill MM (Barnes, Popatia, Knell)

Greenhill BE def. Strake Jesuit ATo (Chen, Paramo, Baker)

Westwood SN def. St. Thomas JB (Wei, Wright, Zhou)

Greenhill VA def. Marcus LH (Malis, Theis, Tripe)

Harvard-Westlake CC def. Lake Highland NK (Fink, Sharma, Gravley)

Greenhill GB def. Evanston JS (Fink, Paramo, Theis)

Strake Jesuit AT def. Lake Highland SP (Wright, Shmikler, Harris)

Peninsula AJ def. Stony Point RJ (Alderete, Hunt, Graham)

Loyola NR def. Northland Christian DL (Ditzian, Hodge, Castillo)

Westlake DB def. Apple Valley PH (Ditzian, Castillo, Sullivan)

Woodlands AC def. Peninsula JL  (Scoggin, Graham, Fife)

Eastside Catholic TD def. Law Magnet DD (Baker, Knell, Harris P)

Katy Taylor NY def. Calhoun Home AC (Roberts, Alderete, Gravley)

Strake Jesuit JZ def. Harker KQ (Wei, Shivji, Popatia)

Peninsula AT over Peninsula JZ


Octafinals (bid)

Peninsula AT def. Westwood SN (Castillo, Zhou, Wei)

Greenhill BE def. Strake Jesuit JZ (Sharma, Yim, Zhou)

Strake Jesuit AT def. Greenhill GB (Wei, Theis, Paramo)

Peninsula AJ def. Katy Taylor NY (Roberts, Scoggin, Knell)

Greenhill VA def. Woodlands AC (Knell, Fink, Popatia)

Westlake DB def. Loyola NR (Gravley, Ditzian, Sharma)

Eastside Catholic TD def. Dulles KS (Barnes, Wright, Harris P)

Dulles NB def. Harvard-Westlake CC (Van Berg, Wright, Baker)



Peninsula AT def. Dulles NB 2-1 (Castillo, Paramo*, McCoy)

Peninsula AJ def. Greenhill BE 2-1 (Castillo, Paramo*, Rubaie)

Greenhill VA def. Eastside Catholic TD 3-0 (Sharma, Fink, Wheeler)

Strake Jesuit AT def. Westlake DB 2-1 (Sharma*, Boyer, Fink)



Peninsula AT def. Strake Jesuit AT 3-0 (Roberts, Sharma, Boyer)

Peninsula AJ def. Greenhill VA 3-0 (Fink, Rubaie, Yim)



Peninsula AT and Peninsula AJ (Arjun Tambe and Akhil Jalan)