Varun Bhave Wins the 2014 Meadows Invitational



Las Vegas, NV – Congratulations to Torrey Pine’s Varun Bhave for winning the 2014 Meadows Invitational! In finals, Varun defeated Greenhill’s Bennett Eckert on a 2-1 decision (Pyda, Hunt*, Knell). Congratulations to both debaters! Varun is coached by Marshall Thompson; Bennett is coached by Aaron Timmons, Bekah Boyer, Josh Roberts, and Rebecca Kuang.

Congratulations also to all those who received bids at Meadows! Meadows is a quarterfinals bid qualifier to the Tournament of Champions.

Pairings and results can be found on Tabroom:


Double Octafinals

Oakwood Secondary JW def Harker KQ (Bistagne*, Placido, O’Krent)

Greenhill MM def Interlake AL (Berrios, Legried*, Hamilton)

La Canada AZ def Marlborough AG (Fink, Alderete, Shackelford)

Kinkaid TG def Brentwood JR (Harris, Damerdji, Overing B)

Peninsula JL def Crossroads NS (Elisetty, Jacobson*, Torson)

Greenhill GB def Chaminade ER (Bietz, Achten, Knell)

Loyola NR def Lynbrook DW (Amestoy, Miyamoto, Walton)

Torrey Pines AI def Harvard-Westlake DM (Inglet, Pyda, Jih)

Arbor View AA def Bronx Science CL (Emerson, Hunt*, Overing M)

Harvard-Westlake NS advances without debating

Brentwood JL advances without debating

John Marshall DD advances without debating

Miramonte TK advances without debating

Greenhill BE advances without debating

Torrey Pines VB advances without debating

Torrey Pines SS over Torrey Pines KK



Torrey Pines VB over Torrey Pines SS

Greenhill MM over Greenhill GB

Greenhill BE def Loyola NR

Miramonte TK def Oakwood Secondary JW

Peninsula JL def Torrey Pines AI

John Marshall DD def Arbor View AA

Harvard-Westlake NS def La Canada AZ

Brentwood JL def Kinkaid TG


Quarterfinals (bid)

Harvard-Westlake NS def Miramonte TK (Tom Kadie) (Walton, Legried, Fink)

Torrey Pines VB def Peninsula JL (Jonas LeBarillec) (Overing, Hunt, Jacobson)

Brentwood JL def John Marshall DD (David Dosch) (Amestoy, Knell, Placido)

Greenhill BE over Greenhill MM (Mitali Mathur)



Torrey Pines VB def Harvard-Westlake NS (Nick Steele) (Pyda, Legried, Amestoy)

Greenhill BE def Brentwood JL (Jackson Lallas) (Hunt, Fink, Knell)



Torrey Pines VB def Greenhill BE (Bennett Eckert) 2-1 (Pyda, Hunt*, Knell)



Torrey Pines VB (Varun Bhave)