Rebecca Gelfer Wins the Minneapple Round Robin


Apple Valley, MN — Congratulations to Clement’s Rebecca Gelfer for winning the 1st annual Minneapple Round Robin! In finals, she defeated Sacred Heart’s Adam Tomasi on a 2-1 decision (Boyer, Roberts, Student Vote*). Congratulations to both debaters! After five rounds of prelim competition and semifinals, the final round of the 1st annual Minneapple Round Robin had to be postponed so that one of the competitors could make a flight. The final round took place at the 2014 Glenbrooks tournament.



Adam Tomasi def. David Branse (Bentley, Randall, Spence)

Rebecca Gelfer def. Anthony Tohme (Devore, Hom, E. Smith)



Rebecca Gelfer def. Adam Tomasi 2-1 (Boyer, Roberts, Student Vote*)


Granny Smith Pod:

  1. Adam Tomasi, Sacred Heart — 8-2

  2. Anthony Tohme, Strake Jesuit — 8-2

  3. Carlos Taylor, Evanston — 5-5


Red Delicious Pod: 

  1. Rebecca Gelfer, Clements — 8-2

  2. David Branse, University — 7-3

  3. Prince Hyeamang, Apple Valley — 5-5


Speaker Awards

  1. Adam Tomasi

  2. Rebecca Gelfer

  3. Anthony Tohme