Annie Gersh Wins Alta

Photo on 12-6-14 at 7.13 PM


Salt Lake City, UT – Congratulations to Marlborough’s Annie Gersh for winning the Alta Silver and Black Invitational!  In finals, she defeated Harvard-Westlake’s Connor Engel on a 2-1 decision (Henman, Kymn, Z. Moss*). Annie is coached by Adam Torson, Michael O’Krent, and Dan Miyamoto. Congratulations to both debaters!

Alta is a quarterfinals bid qualifier to the Tournament of Champions. Congratulations to Melanie Shackleford, Connor Davis, Noah Simon, Louisa Melcher, Annie Gersh, Anand Balaji, Calen Smith, and Connor Engel for advancing to quarterfinals and earning bids to the Tournament of Champions!

Pairings can be found on Tabroom:


Partial Double Octafinals

San Marino NL def Meadows AT

Crossroads NS def Winter Springs JL

Meadows MS def Harvard-Westlake EE

BASIS Scottsdale CD def Miramonte TK

Immaculate Heart LM def Palo Alto AL

Chaminade CP ER def Harker KQ

Rowland Hall-St. Mark’s KO def Arcadia MS

Presentation MS def Oakwood JS

Mission San Jose AB def West KL

Del Mar KK def Palo Alto AM

Harvard-Westlake CE def George Washington EO

Miramonte AB def Harvard-Westlake JN

Marlborough AG def American Fork ML

Logan CS def Centennial ZM

Oakwood JW advances without debating

George Washington DL advances without debating



Meadows MS def Del Mar KK (Kevin Krotz)

Crossroads NS def Oakwood JW (Jack Wareham)

Immaculate Heart LM def Presentation MS (Mariah Stewart)

Harvard-Westlake CE def Rowland Hall-St. Mark’s KO (Kenzo Okazaki)

BASIS Scottsdale CD def Chaminade CP ER (Emilio Rivera)

Mission San Jose AB def George Washington DL (David Lind)

Marlborough AG def San Marino NL (Nathan Lam)

Logan CS def Miramonte AB (Andrew Bower)


Quarterfinals (bid)

BASIS Scottsdale CD def Meadows MS (Melanie Shackleford) 2-1 (Kymn*, Pettit, Willoughby)

Crossroads NS def Immaculate Heart LM (Louisa Melcher) 3-0 (Amestoy, Knell, Torson)

Marlborough AG def Mission San Jose AB (Anand Balaji) 3-0 (Hunt, Hendrickson, Wootton)

Harvard-Westlake CE def Logan CS (Calen Smith) 3-0 (Phung, Newkirk, Inglet)



Marlborough AG def BASIS Scottsdale CD (Connor Davis) 3-0 (Kymn, Hendrickson, Wootton)

Harvard-Westlake CE def Crossroads NS (Noah Simon) 2-1 (Inglet, Amestoy, Torson*)



Marlborough AG def Harvard-Westlake CE (Connor Engel) 2-1 (Henman, Moss*, Kymn)



Marlborough AG (Annie Gersh)