Westwood Closes Out 2014 UT Longhorn Classic



Austin, TX – Congratulations to Westwood’s Akhil Gandra and Sunay Nanavati for closing out the 2014 University of Texas Longhorn Classic! In semifinals, Sunay defeated Strake Jesuit’s Sean McCormick. In addition, Akhil walked over teammate Saavan Nanavati in semifinals. Congratulations to all debaters! Akhil, Sunay, and Saavan are coached by Rodrigo Paramo. Sean is coached by Jerry Crist and Chris Castillo.

The Longhorn Classic is a semifinals bid qualifier to the Tournament of Champions. Congratulations to Sean McCormick, Sunay Nanavati, Akhil Gandra, and Saavan Nanavati for reaching semifinals and earning bids to the Tournament of Champions!

Pairings and results can be found on Joy of Tournaments: http://www.joyoftournaments.com/tx/utexas/warmroom.asp


Triple Octafinals



Double Octafinals








Strake Jesuit SM def Dulles KS (Kevin Si) (Franzese, Xiong, Coppoletta)

Westwood XX def Katy Taylor NY (Neel Yerneni) (Koshak, Blaney, Van Berg)

Westwood AG def Kinkaid JY (Jason Yang) (Azimpoor, Woods, Hernandez)

Westwood SN def Woodlands AC (Abbey Chapman) (Flanagan, Conrad, Baig)


Semifinals (bid)


Westwood XX def Strake Jesuit SM (Sean McCormick) (Coppoletta, Azimpoor, Segura)

Westwood AG over Westwood SN (Saavan Nanavati)



Westwood AG (Akhil Gandra) and Westwood XX (Sunay Nanavati)


Speaker Awards

  1. Westwood – Akhil Gandra

  2. Kinkaid – Tyler Gamble

  3. Strake Jesuit – Alberto Tohme

  4. Kinkaid – Michael Sands

  5. Winston Churchill – Maxwell Engel

  6. Stony Point – Rachana Jadala

  7. Katy Taylor – Neel Yerneni

  8. Dulles – Kevin Si

  9. Flower Mound – Harshita Davuluri

  10. Woodlands – Abbey Chapman