Sophia Helland Wins the San Diego Winter Classic



San Diego, CA
— Congratulations to Claremont’s Sophie Helland for winning the 2014 San Diego Winter Classic, held at La Costa Canyon High School in San Diego, California. In finals, Sophie defeated Rancho Bernardo’s Amir Rezvani on a 3-0 decision (Finnigan, Govari, Rodriguez). Congratulations to both debaters!


The San Diego Winter Classic is one of the largest tournament in San Diego, with teams traveling from all over the West Coast to compete. Full results and pairings can be found on Tabroom:



San Marino NT def Granada Hills SK (Serapia Kim) 3-0 (Wear, Govari, Zhao)

Rancho Bernardo AR def Torrey Pines SH (Sumin Hwang) 2-1 (Thomas, Linton*, Saulet)

Claremont SH def Torrey Pines NK (Nithin Krishnamurthi) 2-1 (Perdomo*, Finnigan, Skolnick)

Peninsula JL def San Marino RL (Rachel Linton) 3-0 (Rodriguez, Helle, Walton)



Claremont SH def San Marino NT (Nicholas Truong) 2-1 (Saulet*, Finnigan, Rajan)

Rancho Bernardo AR def Peninsula JL (Jonas LeBarillec) 2-1 (Govari, Rodriguez, Thomas*)



Claremont SH def Rancho Bernardo AR (Amir Rezvani) 3-0 (Finnigan, Govari, Rodriguez)



Claremont SH (Sophia Helland)