Millard North Closes Out Dowling Catholic


West Des Moines, IA — Congratulations to Millard North’s Priya Kukreja and Grant Brown for closing out the 2014 Dowling Catholic Tournament. In semifinals, Priya and Grant defeated Theodore Roosevelt’s Emma Weddle and Oxbridge’s Nalin Vattigunta, respectively. Congratulations to Priya and Grant for closing out! Priya and Grant are coached by Ananya Mitra, Connor Brown, Lauren Burdt, and Aaron Schurevich. Dowling is a semifinals bid qualifier to the Tournament of Champions.


Pairings can be found on Joy of Tournaments:



Millard North GB def Cypress Woods NS 3-0 (Meyer, Hymson, Smith)

Sioux Falls Lincoln CM def Hopkins SG 2-1 (Agrawal, Hannan, Saker*)

Millard North PK def Bettendorf AM 2-1 (Ave*, Horowitz, Sutter)

Theodore Roosevelt EW def New Trier LK 2-1 (Smith*, Mayes, McClung)

WDM Valley TG def Eagan DC 3-0 (Tisher, Sylvester, Laverty)

Evanston JS def Glenbrook South JB 2-1 (Evnen, Eastlund, Rankin*)

Oxbridge NV def WDM Valley TF 3-0 (Burdt, Maude, Rose)

WDM Valley GS over WDM Valley EM



Millard North GB def WDM Valley GS (Gina Scorpiniti) (Tisher, Mayes, Agrawal)

Oxbridge NV def Sioux Falls Lincoln CM (Caleb Munce) (Hymson, McGinnis, Burdt)

Millard North PK def Evanston JS (Joey Schnide) (Rose, Stancliff, Sutter)

Theodore Roosevelt EW def WDM Valley TG (Trent Gilbert) (Maude, Evnen, Eastlund)



Millard North GB def Oxbridge NV (Nalin Vattigunta)

Millard North PK def Theodore Roosevelt (Emma Weddle)



Millard North GB (Grant Brown) and Millard North PK (Priya Kukreja)