Announcing the First Wave of VBI 2015 Hires!


VBI 2015 is filling up fast

Five times as many students have already signed up this year compared to this time last year. We are also capping each session to guarantee a 4:1 student-instructor ratio—the best offered by any camp. So, space will be limited.

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First-wave hires

We are proud to announce our first wave of hires for VBI 2015. These hires only represent a small fraction of our likely staff. While many others have tentatively indicated they will attend, we will not advertise staff until they have actually agreed.

These instructors will be at VBI, many at multiple locations. We will announce firm commitments to specific locations as they come in.

Please stay tuned for more staff announcements in the next few weeks!


Adam Tomasi — 2013 & 2014 TOC elimination round participant

Akhil Gandra — Champion of St. Mark’s, Grapevine and UT

Anne-Marie Hwang — Greenhill, Valley, and Minneapple Round Robin Participant

Arjun Tambe — 2014 TOC elimination round participant, champion of the Grenhill Round Robin and Damus

Ben Holguin — Two-time Minneapple Champion, graduate student at NYU

Carlos Taylor — Champion of the Mid-America Cup

Chetan Hertzig (curriculum director) —  Coach at Harrison (NY), coached 2014 TOC Champion

Chris Theis (co-director) — 2008 & 2009 TOC Champion, Coach of Apple Valley (MN) and Peninsula (CA)

Christian Tarsney (curriculum director) — Coach of the 2010 TOC champion and 2013 TOC and NSDA (NFL) Nationals runner-up, coach at Valley (IA)

Danny DeBois — 2014 TOC Champion, coach at Harvard-Westlake (CA)

Jackson Lallas — Runner-up at 2014 Glenbrooks

Jake Nebel (co-director) — Coach of the 2013 TOC champion, two-time champion of Greenhill and Glenbrooks

Lawrence Zhou — 2014 NSDA (NFL) National Champion

Leah Shapiro — Top seed of the 2013 TOC, Champion of the Mid-America Cup and the Hockaday Round Robin

Michael Bogaty — Champion of the 2014 Minneapple

Nick Smith — Coach at Hopkins (MN)

Rebecca Gelfer — 2014 TOC elimination round participant, Champion of the Minneapple Round Robin

Rebecca Kuang — 2013 TOC Champion, coach at Clements (TX) and Greenhill (TX)

Shania Hunt — 2013 Greenhill Champion, coach at Norhtland (TX) and Harvard-Westlake (CA)