New Briefs Released

We received a lot of positive feedback about how we structured the November/December brief, so we continued that structure here: a general introduction by Danny DeBois, a chapter on philosophical strategies by Marshall Thompson, a chapter on policy implications by Jacob Nails, a chapter on “critical” aspects by Steven Knell, and high-quality evidence cut by Rebecca Kuang. But we made a significant addition: an original essay on the living wage by Dr. Tommy J. Curry.

Dr. Curry is an Associate Professor of Philosophy, Affiliated Professor of Africana Studies, and a Ray A. Rothrock Fellow at Texas A&M University. He has been cited in many recent high-profile LD debates, including finals of the 2013 Tournament of Champions. His essay in this volume, “The Cost of a Thing: A Kingian Reformulation of a Living Wage Argument in the 21st Century,” presents a powerful argument for the living wage inspired by the thinking of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It raises questions that bear not only on the topic, but on the practice of LD as a whole. Dr. Curry’s essay will certainly shape many debates over the next few months and beyond.


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The PF brief features analyses by the Evanston Township Speech and Debate team (NSDA School of Excellence at 2014 Nationals), James McElwain (coach at Saint Thomas Academy), and Abraham Fraifeld (coach of 2014 TOC co-champions), with evidence cut by TOC champion Rebecca Kuang and authors.


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