New Rankings: Every Round Counts

We know: we haven’t updated the rankings in a couple of months. In the meantime, we’ve been working on a new ranking system. And now it’s here. Congratulations to Varun Bhave, our current #1!

In the new system, every round counts. Wins count for more the higher ranked your opponent is. There is even a multiplier for the ballot differential in elimination rounds.

The present rankings are based only on a handful of tournaments: those with octos or quarters bids to the TOC. We will soon add all other TOC-qualifying tournaments from this season. And the ultimate goal is to include every round—not just at TOC-qualifying tournaments, but also at locals and round robins. But that will take time. And, because every round counts, the rankings may change drastically with each tournament.

Affirmatives have won 46.3% of debates included in our rankings. Should aff wins, therefore, count for more than neg wins?