Davis Labarre Wins Strake Jesuit



Houston, TX — Congratulations to Northland Christian’s Davis Labarre for winning the 2014 Strake Jesuit College Preparatory Tournament! In finals, Davis defeated Westlake’s Drew Burd on a 2-1 decision (Cockroft, Dang, Harris*). Congratulations to both debaters! Davis is coached by Paul Gravley, Courtney Coffman, Robbie Dillard, Yang Yi, and Shania Hunt. Drew is coached by Benjamin Koh. Strake is a semifinals bid qualifier to the Tournament of Champions!


Pairings and results can be found on Joy of Tournaments: http://www.joyoftournaments.com/tx/strake/warmroom.asp

Congratulations to Davis Labarre, Drew Burd, Karman Singh, and Dino De La O for advancing to semis and earning bids!


Partial Double Octafinals

Calhoun Home AC def Kinkaid AK 3-0 (Harris, Kassam, Cockroft)

Marcus LH def Pflugerville DL 3-0 (Graham, Dang, Wei)

Dulles SK def Kinkaid NK 2-1 (Evnen*, McCormick, Conrad)

St. Thomas JB def Cy-Fair CM 3-0 (Wright, Race, Sharma)

University JR over University AF

Northland Christian DL advances without debating

Kinkaid TG advances without debating

Kinkaid JY advances without debating

Dulles NB advances without debating

Law Magnet DD advances without debating

Westlake DB advances without debating

Flower Mound HD advances without debating

Cypress Falls KS advances without debating

Flower Mound JS advances without debating

Woodlands College Park VM advances without debating

Woodlands AC advances without debating



Northland Christian DL def St. Thomas JB 3-0 (McCormick, Wright, Werner)

Kinkaid TG def University JR 2-1 (Delgado, Dang, Imas*)

Kinkaid JY def Dulles SK 2-1 (Cory, Koshak, O’Dwyer*)

Marcus LH def Dulles NB (Sasso, Graham, O’Neal)

Law Magnet DD def Calhoun Home AC 3-0 (Cockroft, Baig, Tyger)

Westlake DB def Flower Mound HD 3-0 (Wei, Seitz, Evnen)

Cypress Falls KS def Flower Mound JS 3-0 (Harris, Sharma, Woods)

Woodlands College Park VM def Woodlands AC 2-1 (Xiong, Castillo*, Sullivan)



Northland Christian DL def Woodlands College Park VM (Venkatesh Muppaneni) (Dang, Wei*, Wright)

Cypress Falls KS def Kinkaid TG (Tyler Gamble) (Graham*, O’Dwyer, Baig)

Westlake DB def Kinkaid JY (Jason Yang) (Evnen, Harris, Sharma)

Law Magnet DD def Marcus LH (Lyndie Ho) (Cockroft*, Cory, Hodge)



Northland Christian DL def Law Magnet DD (Dino De La O) (Dang, Cockroft, Harris)

Westlake DB def Cypress Falls KS (Karman Singh) (Sullivan, Graham, Evnen)



Northland Christian DL def Westlake DB (Drew Burd) 2-1 (Dang, Cockroft, Harris*)



Northland Christian DL (Davis Labarre)