Graham Baker Wins Blake

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Minneapolis, MN — Congratulations to Greenhill’s Graham Baker for winning the 2014 John Edie Holiday Tournament hosted by the Blake School! In finals, Graham defeated Walt Whitman’s Sophia Caldera on a 2-1 decision. Congratulations to both debaters! Graham is coached by Aaron Timmons, Bekah Boyer, Josh Roberts, Chris Randall, and Rebecca Kuang. Sophia is coached by Emily Massey and Michael Harris. Blake is a quarterfinals bid qualifier to the Tournament of Champions.

Pairings can be found on Tabroom:


Partial Triple Octafinals

Apple Valley PH def Aberdeen Central SM (Ahsan, Massey, Plunkett)

Oxbridge BK def Walt Whitman LK (Tarsney, Korsakov, Koh)

Lake Highland KP def Glenbrook South JL (Tarsney, Anderson, Plunkett)

DSM Roosevelt EW def WDM Valley EM (Bone, Hoverson, McClung)

Millburn WH def Hopkins RA (Bone, Struver, McClung)

Lexington JK def WDM Valley CT (Lonam, Kueffner, Berman)

Oxbridge NV def Walt Whitman SP (Kueffner, Hamilton, Councilman)

Greenhill VA def Scarsdale AY (Robbins, Sylvester, Clarke)

Bronx Science CL def Scarsdale GZ (Ahsan, Theis, Sylvester)

Cambridge PO def Walt Whitman NL (Hoverson, Koh, Rung)

Byram Hills PE def Millburn CS (Ave, Shapiro, Leverett)

Walt Whitman SC def Lake Highland AA (Shapiro, Margolies, You)

WDM Valley TG def Apple Valley JB (Tisher, Horowitz, Anderson)

Lake Highland MC def J. Graham Brown NT (Massac, Tisher, McElwain)

Scarsdale DW def North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics TP (Froh, Roberts, Vinson)

Evanston Township JS def Barrington HS (Massey, Roberts, Lonam)

Hopkins SG def Scarsdale MC (You, Harris, Astacio)

Lexington LW def Scarsdale JN (Ave, Berman, Harris)

Bronx Science ID def Apple Valley CH (Baker, McElwain, Smith)

Eastside Catholic TD def Delbarton NA (Leverett, McGinnis, Smith)

WDM Valley TF def Interlake AL (Massey, Smith, Councilman)

Byram Hills AJ def Apple Valley GH (Korsakov, Froh, Smith)

J. Graham Brown BD advances without debating

WDM Valley GS advances without debating

Greenhill GB advances without debating

Evanston Township EW advances without debating

Bronx Science DR advances without debating

Evanston Township CT advances without debating

Scarsdale RG advances without debating

Hawken NK advances without debating

Scarsdale MB advances without debating

Lexington DA advances without debating


Double Octafinals

Bronx Science DR def Cambridge PO (Vincent, Roberts, Astacio)

Bronx Science ID def Hawken NK (Ave, Anderson, Astacio)

Hopkins SG def Oxbridge BK (Struver, Koh, Ave)

Greenhill VA def Millburn WH (Leverett, Struver, Tisher)

Walt Whitman SC def WDM Valley TG (Kueffner, Bone, Councilman)

Greenhill GB def Lexington LW (Vinson, Kueffner, Smith)

Scarsdale RG def Millburn CS (Shapiro, Massey, Korsakov)

Lexington DA def Byram Hills AJ (Korsakov, Shapiro, Bone)

Apple Valley PH def Eastside Catholic TD (Massac, Harris, Baker)

J. Graham Brown BD def Lake Highland KP (Massac, Hamilton, McElwain)

Evanston EW def Lake Highland MC (Berman, McClung, McElwain)

Evanston JS def Scarsdale DW (Lonam, Froh, You)

Scarsdale MB def Oxbridge NV (Massey, Lonam, McClung)

Evanston CT def Bronx Science CL (Randall, Smith, Theis)

DSM Roosevelt EW def Lexington JK (Baker, Berman, Randall)



Scarsdale MB def DSM Roosevelt EW (Korsakov, Bone, Smith)

Evanston JS def Scarsdale RG (Berman, Koh, You)

Apple Valley PH def WDM Valley GS (Massey, McElwain, Kueffner)

J. Graham Brown BD def Lexington DA (Harris, Massac, Baker)

Walt Whitman SC def Evanston CT (Smith, Lonam, Hamilton)

Evanston EW def Hopkins SG (Smith, Struver, Theis)

Greenhill GB over Greenhill VA

Bronx Science DR over Bronx Science ID



Greenhill GB def J. Graham Brown BD (Blake Dawson) (Johnson, Struver, Astacio)

Walt Whitman SC def Evanston EW (Eric Weine) (You, Hamilton, Rung)

Scarsdale MB def Apple Valley PH (Prince Hyeamang) (Korsakov, Harris, Kueffner)

Evanston JS def Bronx Science DR (Diganta Rashed) (Berman, McElwain, Theis)



Walt Whitman SC def Evanston JS (Joey Schnide) (Kueffner, Smith, You)

Greenhill GB def Scarsdale MB (Michael Bogaty) (Struver, Rung, Clarke)



Greenhill GB def Walt Whitman SC (Sophia Caldera) 2-1 (Massac*, Berman, Kueffner)



Greenhill GB (Graham Baker)